If African people are everyone, we are nobody – Amos N Wilson

Biological Nationalism: Superior of Sub Saharan African People

by Gaspar Yanga

“The Negro is dying out, and he is going to die faster and more rapidly in the next fifty years than he has in the past three hundred years. There is only one thing to save the Negro, and that is an immediate realization of his own responsibilities” (Garvey). In his assessment, in the early 20th century Marcus Garvey stated what Africans face today complete and total biological extinction.

If African people are to ever throw off the shackles of European, Arab and Asian domination the continental and diasporic Africans must ruthlessly and with caution to the wind formulate a definition of who is African based upon the traits of Africans from time in memorial. This will be extremely painful for many. Many will use emotional appeals which are nothing but excuses such as: “You are being just like the White man”, ” you are being like the KKK”, and my all time favorite “that is Willie lynch”.

Prior to the enslavement of West and Central Africans, Africans had certain traits and certain biological markers that made them a separate distinct group. Africans prior to 1500 and prior to the infamous fictitious Willie Lynch Letter had traitsAfricans prior to the invasion of Arabs, Berbers and other West Asian people had skin color from brown to dark brown. This is an African trait. Africans had one common hair texture. Yes, Europeans upon arriving in what today is called Rwanda did notice that many Africans were a lighter shade of Brown from other Africans. But they were not yellow or near white. They were simply a pecan brown color as compared to the dark chocolate color of the other group. They used these slight differences in order to pit one group against on another. Today, DNA* test (* because there are holes in this science) show that the Hutu and Tutsi were actually the same people and that Hutu and Tutsi were actually social status. Now Negros will use to in order to say mulattoes are Africans. ***(3star concepts mean this is something to pay special attention to) ***The Tutsi who were divided into people of a lighter hue of brown were not products of mixed raced sexual relationships. My opponents will purposely leave this out in order to compare a mulatto vs. an authentic African or an authentic diasporic Africans.

It is biologically and mentally impossible for a mixed raced person to be African. They will always compromise the well being of Africans for a position that will give Europeans, Asians and Arabs advantages. This is and always will be the case until Africans and Africans alone put their house in order. The mixed race mentality is one that is all inclusive, it is one that devalues Africaness with this inclusiveness. The mixed race mentality is a threat to the Biological survival of African people. The father of the mixed raced mentality is Nelly Fuller Jr. Nelly Fuller Jr is a man who espouses many apparent ideological ideals of White supremacist for one reason alone,*** DNA is programming. Fuller Jr a man who is biracial or majority non-African (mixed raced) is a man who is non-African, speaks from this vague group with no clear definition “non-White people”. Nelly Fuller Jr world view is one that is shared by White supremacist from the 1500s. In the 1500s and 1600s Europeans propagated this idea that then entire world waited in darkness for Europeans to bring the light. Europeans began to colonize history, peoples identity and with their iron European will wiped out peoples history. How could Africans in the 1960s be so clear to state the European stole our history, languages, and culture, yet in another breath espouse the ideology of Nelly Fuller Jr that we are simply “non-White people” vs. African people? To identify yourself as non-White gives you no clear historical record of where you have been and where you need to go. Is this not what the European Slave and Colonial masters did to us? Stripping us of our History, Culture, Names, and languages and telling us we are not Yoruba, Akan, isiZulu, Isi Pedi but we are simply not White?

This puts African people at a disadvantage in the world. Europeans, Asians, and Arabs see themselves as European, Asian and Arab people. They use their culture, language, and common history to compete as a group in a hyper competitive world. 75% of Africans Americans live in or around 15 major us cities. In these cities “non-White people” and ” people of color” do not see themselves as non-White people but as Arab, Asian or Latin. They are taking advantage of African people’s lack of working as a collective and lack of uniting around an African identity. Dr. Amos N Wilson in many his speeches and his magnum opus Blueprint of Black Power goes into detail how these groups: Jews, Gays, Latinos, Asians, and Arabs are working as a collective to not only empower themselves but they are using African peoples lack identity to dominate and control local markets. Nelly Fuller Jr nor has Francis Cress Welshing have addressed this, nor will they. They are not African people committed to African power. They exist as distractions that feed of the self-loathing of African peoples.

ACBN must confront these things understanding and know that no matter how much truth you speak Negroes who are committed to maintaining the chaos, confusion, and disorganization that keeps African marginalized for their own selfish lust of non-African spouses and wanting to have a place to belong. Negroes have no hate for the European, Asian or Arab groups that tell their mixed race offspring that you will never be us, but they have hell bound on making sure that children growing up calling European, Asians and Arabs mom, dad, grandmother are planted into the African group? Why is this? Dr. Umar Johnson is another so called scholar who contradicts himself in one minute he says that “one African could change the complexion of Europe” but then in another breath “talks about our biracial African brothers and sisters”. That means the European has changed the complexion of Africans. If a biracial being is not considered as European or Asian as those two groups but is considered the same as Africans it is the African group who suffers and will have people who emotionally could never fight to the death for Africans. Because they would be too attached to their European and Asian family. But as in the case of Barack Obama, they have no problem joining in with Africans enemies to distract, disorganize and even murder Africans for their European masters.

We must as ACBN have a ruthless standard for who is and is not African. This will not be popular, this will be dangerous but what do we have to fear? We are all going to die one day. We must die having known we have done every one thing we could do for the biological survival of African people. Why? Why does it matter? Because it is the duty of all intelligent species to ensure the survival of its species. Do lions after birthing their young abandon them? Then why should we live as a coward and go where the wind carries us and not think about the future of our species in its purest form. ACBN is about the survival, economic freedom and the ideological philosophy that will protect the Africans genetic genome for years to come.