My academic training taught me the value of observing other companies and corporations in order to better understand business and business processes. Case studies are done to expand upon your own knowledge and to take what others have done to meet the needs of your own organization, company or even race.

Amos Magazine will not only look at Africans solely for inspiration but will also do case studies from other groups who faced and in many  instances still face many of the challenges Africans face.

Case Study # 1: South Korea

GDP (nominal): rank 12. 1.755 trillion (2014)

GDP (ppp): rank 26. 34,777

Population: 50,219,669

Currency: South Korean won

Major Exports (what Koreans produce): (548.2 billions) Ships, Samsung, Kia, Fila, Computers

Major Trading Partner: CHINA (asian nation)

It is often said that Africans are too divided and this is why “WE” can’t get anywhere. This often said by Negroes who want Europeans to maintain European Hegemony over ALL Africans because their life depends on it.  “The idea that finding difference among Africans further divides Black people, or that divisions make us weaker, does not take into account, or at least be qualified by, the fact that there are elements and collectives within our group that must necessarily be rooted in order for progress to occur.” (Crawford 2000)

North Korea

GDP: 12.4 billion

Population: 24,895,000

North Korea who suffers from brutal European/US backed sanctions are Korean. Now my Negro detractors could use this as an example of why assimilation/integration is a must because anyone who aims to be free of Western control suffers. ACBN do not fear the repercussions, because ACBN believe in death before dishonor. African Centered Biological Nationalist must wage war on being controlled by Europeans if we are to every become free. The South Koreans have prospered because of their relationship with the West. Negro Assimilation/Integrationalist have prospered as well but their prosperity is tied to the masses of African people being underdeveloped and neutralized. South Koreans have not been asked to destroy their future generations nor do they care to destroy their future generations for some crumbs from the Europeans table.

ACBN we must see this as a teaching tool to other Africans, that we as ACBN must divide as North Korea and South Korea have done creating our own nation with our own definitions based upon nationalistic and biological patriotism. This also provides a great opportunity to be acted upon. Negroes Assimilationist/Integrationalist are not producers and their wealth is controlled to and tied to industrious Europeans. This is a national security threat for Africans because these people will turn a blind eye to the destruction of Africans as long as their bellies are filled. Here is the great opportunity. Negroes can’t  move without the European guidance. As ACBN seeing ourselves as a independent but landless nation (ie jews) we are more free to go around the world setting up relationships with other nations whom we could provides things they need. I will further elaborate on this at a later time. But I want to plant the image in my readers minds of What African Centered Biological Nationalism could become with a select committed group of Africans who fit the biological definitions of what a African is and are brave enough to do as the Koreans did and that is severe past relationships that become a threat to your survival.