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Ghost of Marcus Garvey: Are Mulattoes the Enemy of Blacks?

african king


by Gaspar Yanga 


“The Liberian government promised Garvey one million acres of land for settlement.This alarmed the colonial powers in the region who had banned all images of Marcus Garvey in their colonies.Now he would have a base to operate from.So threats came about an invasion if Garvey or his followers landed in Liberia.At the same time WEB Dubois heard that Harvey Firestone was looking at Liberia as a source of rubber.Firestone of Akron Ohio was one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world.But the British had a monopoly on the world rubber supply.WEB Dubois convinced Firestone to go to Liberia to give Liberia an alternative to Marcus Garvey.He then visited Liberia and convinced Liberian president CB King that Garvey was an undemocratic dictator who would take over Liberia.So Liberia rejected Garvey arresting his men when they arrived on the ship.The keep the ship and tools.Garvey’s movement collapsed after this and Firestone signed a 99 year lease building the worlds largest rubber plantation on land promised to Marcus Garvey (”


Negroes and Mulattoes, to this day even though they were not born or alive in the days of Garvey, harbor a deep and bitter anger toward Marcus Garvey, because of his philosophies and opinions. The Negro is a anti – African, non African woman loving creature who main purpose in life is to create a Mulatto. The Mulatto is a non-African who aims to maintain that the African race remain subordinate to the Arab, Asians and Europeans by any means necessary. The curious case of WEB Dubois in his undermining of Garvey in the 1920s is further illustrated as Amos Wilson often says, “we are not living in a new day” or as  John Henrike Clarke brilliantly states, ” things are continuing to happen to African people from ancient times because we did not fix them then and have not fixed them now”. 

The curious case of the NAACP and their involvement with the Koch brothers is another example of how these creatures will continue to wreck havoc and always work to maintain European hegemony over Africans. We ACBN must recognize this and fix this moving forward.


Hamba kahle!

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