Solutions to Charges of Colorism


 gaspar yanga

by Gaspar Yanga


To implement the Garvey idea, what we need, above all, is just one Black African country, big and industrialized enough, and therefore powerful enough to be of G-8 rank, a country that could serve as the core state– protector and leader—of Global Black Africa (Chinweizu).

There are 1 billion people who are mostly African in DNA and have the traits of an African (brown to dark brown skin, African textured hair). There is no way possible to unite these 1 billion African peoples into one common ideology nor is it worth the time to do such a task. Dr. Chinweizu gave a practical solution when speaking about why he was against the Integrationalist Ideology of Nkrumah which wanted to create a United States of Africa in which all current nations would be united as one. Uniting Black (Brown) Africans with Arabs and their European colonialist. The originator of the ideal of a United States of Africa was Marcus Garvey. To the Westernized African it makes tons of sense to mimic and even ape the ideologies, governmental structures of their former masters.  But Dr. Chinweizu having a greater knowledge of African and its realities that Garvey, and having a more sound ideology than Nkruman, came up with the ideal of a single Black African Nation. 

Chinweizu broke down the possibilities of a single African super power by comparing them comparing them to other nations which are powerful, free and have a tremendous amounts of influence and power around the world.

Populations of Powerful Nations:

Japan: 127 million

South Korea: 50 million

Russia: 145: million

Germany: 89 million

Israel: 7 million

Now I created this graphic to create in your mind a photo of the current world today and the different poles of power. Notice that Japan, South Korean and China are all Asian nations. They are separate Asian nations which have relative power and influence. There must be a * place upon South Korean and Japan because they are currently under European Hegemony from a Military stand point but these nations have populations of Japanese and South Koreans who mate outside of their ethnicity. But those off springs are not considered to be Japanese or South Korean. *** ( 3 star concept) 

Lets take a closer look at the European Nations:


Russia: 145 million

Israel (Eastern European Jews)***: 7 million

USA: 224 million ( Western European population) 

Germany: 89 million 

France: 65 million

Languages spoke among European Nations: English, Russian, French, German, Italian

GDP Ranks: 1. USA  4. Germany 5. France  6. United Kingdom  8. Russia 9. Italy

Once we begin to look at the Pink European. There is no singular Pink European Nation. There is no singular Pink European ideology other than that Pink Europeans will have some form of unity in dominating the non Pink European world. They speak various different languages, they have various different currencies and have their own personal definitions.***

Colorism/Willie Lycnh is a European Hegemonic tool. The Europeans create mulattoes and mixed raced people in order to create a relationship in which African people are emotionally unable to organize productively because of this emotional connection to Europeans which is primarily maintained by the yellow skinned and brown skinned mulattoes who see the Europeans has misguided family. This is not productive for African people building an organization to challenge European power having these creatures in positions of power. 

Lets look at some logics that are out there that don’t make sense. FCW ( Fransis Cress Welshing) Ideology. 1. Europeans are a minority 2. Africans can “breed them out”. This is a integrationalist ideology that is being promoted by many who have the traits to be considered African. They are using the ODR (One Drop Rule), a rule created by White racist to PROTECT the White gene pool today in order to justify their relationship with non African women. How can Africans breed out Europeans, while not breeding themselves out at the same time? If African genes are dominate how can one pass for White?


grand sizemorepop


In the two photos above, according to the ODR and FCW Ideology. Both these men above are African American. Grady Sizemore who currently plays outfield for the Boston Red Sox has a grandmother who resembles Yaa Baruti. According to the rules that would make Grady Sizemore African American. Clinton Portis a African American from Mississippi, looks nothing like Grady Sizemore. They look like two totally different species of Human. The goal of integrationalist and White people is to make men who look like Clinton Portis obsolete and to make Grady Sizemore the norm. The reasons used are “we are all mixed”, “some raped CP grandmother so he got White in him to”… etc etc etc Grady Sizemore will marry a European female. Thus is offspring will look similar to that of Cameron Diaz. Clinton Portis who has an African son, will more than likely marry a African female thus creating African children who will be further marginalized having to share space with non Africans such as Sizemore. 

Protecting the Biological Structure of Africans is the nature of African Centered Biological Nationalism. This is not a movement to make light skinned or yellow skinned people feel better about themselves. Why isn’t the same logic or discussions of Colorism being used by Mulattoes when dealing with their White family? Since “DNA” test show that White people have on avg. 3% SSA ancestry. Considering many Mulattoes who had African DNA but European traitors “passed” for full blooded European. Why aren’t light skinned people considered European/White?

That is my first question to you KUSHITE EMPIRE? Why aren’t light skinned people like Alica Keyes, Mariah Carey, Wentworth Miller who have European parents ( which 90% of African americans dont) why aren’t they considered as Pink (White)/ Europeans? 


What the objectives of ACBN ( African Centered Biological Nationlism) organization should be:

1. Definition of who is African 

2. Creation of a African Centered Economy controlled EXCLUSIVELY by AFRICANS GLOBALLY

3. Destruction of any kind of White, Arab, Asian Mulatto “Unity Organization” and the formation of a Black Only Organization.

4.Creation of a clear cut ideology

5.The adoption of a African Language to be the Official language

6. Planning the ideal African Nation State


ACBN Nationalism is revolutionary, it will divide families, it will severe ties and we feel that based upon history we have the right to do that. I am not really asking or saying I am telling you, KUSHITE EMPIRE, what it will be. This is the ideology, its not up for debate or emotional please of don’t you have yellow skin people in your family? Kushite Empire, White, Asians, Arabs and Native Americans have light skinned people in their family too. Barack Obama has a White mother, Mariah Carey has a White mother are they White? Do you think your little emotional pleas will ever make the White group accept them? The ACBN group will not accept them either! Your logic is flawed and the rules you come up with are only applied to Africans which makes your ideology flawed as Dr. Umar Johnsons  and FCW Ideology. 

I want to get beyond calling people sell outs, uncle toms and sambos. This is counter productive and reactionary. The concept of Nation. The ACBN Nation is an African Nation! It does not mean that we can’t work with, have trade or other relationships with non Pink/European mixed peoples. That is not way we are saying. What we are saying is we are moving beyond the one drop rule, we are expecting future generations of members of our nation to begin to redefine the false information that has been placed in our minds by Europeans, these informations are lies that are used to destroy the possibility of African group power that can overthrow White power. 

My Vision of ACBN Nation by 2060:

1. ACBN/Population: 50 to 300 million nation state with other communities around the world.

2. Official African Language to be our Language

3. An Original African Religious concept

4. A solid economy which will get us in the top 10 of GDP

5. Black Power Pan African Development Bank

6. Black Power Pan African Military Complex 


This is black unity. does this include all people, NO! But those who do not agree instead of name calling and trying to play on emotions lets separate and build our own Black Nations in what we see fit. There is enough land, resources, spaces and Black women!(if you even want one) to build whatever we want. This is about sharing ideals and coming to agreement and those who do not agree can simple build your own nation or state an American! Because the White Controlled America System classifies anyone with  even 1 drop of black blood as “African”, you can date any women you want.

The problem is this plantation mentality of wanting everyone to be on the White mans plantation being ruled by his ideals and view of the world. Why cant we as MEN respect the fact that other Africans want to do things their way. The Europeans and Asians are separated by ideals, language, culture and Nation/States. We as ACBN encourage those who do not share these ideals to do the same. We want to save as many Africans as possible and help as many as possible to see the right way but that really is not the end all be all for us. I encourage all to join this blog and give their opinions and to disagree as long as its not too silly. This is my response.