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The Current State of African and Diaspora African male Political Domination


by Gaspar Yanga

July 16, 2014

For centuries European men have gone anywhere in the world they have wanted without so much as even a wrinkled eyebrow from African males or Diaspora African males. European men are the conquerors, producers and tyrants over the entire world. The entire Black African world including the African diaspora (those with majority African DNA) are under the current control and domination of Europeans. Europeans control our history, our ideology, our religious philosophy, and even our scope of the world. Africans and Diaspora African males for the last 500 years have been under total European domination.

Here is a Brief Timeline of European Domination from 1619 to present:

1500: European Jews begin the enslavement of West and Central Africans

1501: Hispanic and Latinos begin the trade, enslavement and even kidnapping of African male and females

1619: The Anglos enter the slave trade and begin to dominate it

1619 – 1902: Western European Nations begin to wage War against Natives

1877: Jim Crow of African Americans

1884 -1885: Portugal, Spain, Germany, Belgium, France, United States plan to bring the entire Africa under European Hegemonic Control

1902: 90% of African is a European Colony

1936: Italian East Africa Occupation of Ethiopia

1960s: African American Civil Rights Freedom Movement, Continental African Independence Movement, African Caribbean Independence Movement

1970 to Present: European/American/Israel Neo Colonial Hegemonic Control over 1 billion African peoples


Today, Africans and Diaspora Africans are under the full control and domination by European peoples. Because, Europeans have now allowed Africans some privileges such as being able to live in their suburbs, go to school with their children, marry some of their sons and daugthers, Africans have accepted this as meaning they are free. European psychologist, social engineers have carefully created these social illusions to coerce Africans into thinking “they are their own worse enemies”, “they live in a new day”, and that “racism was a thing in the past”. 

The reality of is that Africans as a group under the current order of things will not gain economic parity let alone political parity with Europeans, European Americans ever. Since the 1960s Europeans have carefully created these conditions. Europeans uses Psychic Violence today to maintain European control and domination of African peoples. 

Lets began to analyze briefly the Group relationship between Europeans and European Diaspora vs. Africans and African Diaspora.

European “American” vs. African “American

African “American” will never gain wealth parity with the European American. Brandies University reported that African Americans as a group are now a permanent underclass which is dependent upon White Americans for their basic life needs. These means that White Americans can use their wealth, institutions and power to control, manipulate and dominate African Americans. This is also true for African Jamaicans, African Haitians, African Brazilians and the other African peoples of the other American nations.

Continental Africans vs. Continental Europeans: Frances Domination of Africans in Africa

France controls the economy of 14 African Nations: Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Guiena Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal Togo (102.5 million Africans) and Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon (40 million).

The CFA franc (in Frenchfranc CFA [fʁɑ̃ seɛfɑ], or colloquially franc) is the name of two currencies used in Africa which are guaranteed by the French treasury. The two CFA franc currencies are the West African CFA franc and the Central African CFA franc. Although theoretically separate, the two CFA franc currencies are effectively interchangeable.

Lets look at the exchange rates between France and their Neo Colonial Nations in Africa:

Both CFA Francs currently have a fixed exchange rate to the euro: 100 CFA francs = 1 former French (nouveau) franc = 0.152449 euro; or 1 euro = 655.957 CFA francs exactly.

Currently former President of Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo is in being held in prison by Europeans because he began to question and even try to gain control over his economy. Lets do a comparative analysis between 4 heads of states who have had controversial leaders and we will destroy the notion that it is a CLASS problem vs. a Racial power problem.


Mugabe the Greatwhite supreamcist


Comparative Analysis: Bush and Blair vs. Gbangbo and Mugabe

Bush and Blair illegally invaded a sovereign nation in 2003 Iraq. They invaded this nation under the false pretense that Saddam Hussein had WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction).

1,625 UN and US inspectors spent two years searching 1,700 sites at a cost of more than $1bn. Yesterday they delivered their verdict. Bush and Blair invaded this mans country sanctioned the murder of him and his children for UN and US inspectors to declare this ” Nor did Saddam issue direct verbal orders to develop weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The main evidence of his intentions are his own cryptic remarks, and the meaning his aides inferred from them.”

Iraqi Deaths Since Invasion: 3 million

maimed children

White male lies had led to the justification of the murder of:

30 to 100 million Native Americans

40 million Africans in the Congo

150 million Africans during European Slave Trade

Extermination of Australian Bushmen

And now the destruction of the people of the Iraqi Nations

There as not been a single Black President or Nation that has ever been responsible for so much death inflicted upon non African people!

Tony Blair lives in European, why isn’t Blair in criminal court? The Iraqi War the deaths and destruction of women and children are far worse than anything Robert Mugabe and Laurent Gbagbo have ever done. Yet these two White men remain free and there are no large protest. White Americans protested loudly and proudly when Michael Vick was convicted of dog fighting but they remain silent as usual the White masses remain silent when White men commit grave acts of violence but begin ultra moralistic when it comes to non Whites. 

Dennis Rodman and Dwight Howard, both African slave descendants have a righteous and moral reason to dislike the United States of America and Israel. The United States of America was built upon the genocide of Native Americans and the enslavement of their great grandparents. They have no moral obligation to support the United States or Israel. The United States and Israel are two White Racist Hegemoic countries that are ruled by criminal White men and women who believe they have a right to tell everyone in the world who they should support and who they shouldn’t. Dennis Rodman should be able to go to North Korea if he sees fit. White men have gone anywhere in the world they have wanted to. Dwight Howard should be able to support Palestine or anyone else. Jews support the slave trade, Jews have supported and propagated ideologies and actual public policy that has destroyed the lives of millions of Africans and Diapora Africans.

Dwight Howard backed off his statements because he knows that if he does’t White racist will make sure he is banned from the NBA. Isn’t it funny the White families who became Wealthy from slavery, the White coporations who benefited from Aparthied in South Africa aren’t being held to the same standard that Whites hold Dwight Howard and Michael Vick? Two powerless athletes who are merely well paid entertainers for White rich and middle class people? 

Nothing in my life as a black man under 35 was more sad than to see Dennis Rodman a man in his 50s talked to and chastised by White men for his choosing to go to North Korea. To see this grown adult Black male crying and wimpering like a little boy afraid of his White masters. How pathetic and self esteem destroying that must be for black men. How ironic this is. White men and majority White governments have supported people they themselves have defined as terrorist photo below: 

White racist

Peirs Morgan the Anglophile Western Media would never question the mulatto Barack Obama nor the White hegemonic supremacist Donald Rumsfiled. White men and these White nations believe African people to their slaves even today. Africans are to be humble docile sex slaves (interracial marriage) and ideologues of White political philosophy: Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Marixst-Lenist etc etc

This is a battle cry to African males. We don’t have to be COWARD and PUNKS for these European devils who still maintain hegemonic control. There is no reason to argue or to try to prove anything to committed Negroes and Negropeans who simply want to join our enemies. I am not saying we should hold hand or sing spiritual songs with Iran, North Korean or Palestine but we need to open dialogue with the enemies of our enemies. This is not for mulattoes, mixed race people or militant integrationalist. This is from African Centered Heterosexual Biological Nationalist males and females. We are at WAR. We must fight. We must stop falling for this class non sense. The rich people of this world are not united. Look at Saddam and Gadaffi. Look at Dwight Howard and Dennis Rodman. This world is ruled and divided by Ethnicity and Group Power. Its time we wake up and recognize this. Pink European Hegemony in all its forms are our enemies and we must fight to overthrow their power in their in our lives. This European Pink Power is illegal, illegitimate and its wrong. 

When African men come out and wear the USA for the Olympics its ok, when you come out and support Gay Hegemony you get praise. But as soon as you decide to think yourself and from your own opinion no matter how rich you are these Europeans will come to spank you and demonize you. White people are hell bound bent on never giving up social control over us. Why are we behaving like slaves? Why are we so afraid of these people who stick their fingers in our faces and tell us what we can say and dont say. 

The curious case of: Dwight Howard, Dennis Rodman: Laurent Gbagbo and Robert Gabriel Mugabe further illustrates the ideology of African Centered Biological Nationalist for wanting their own nation, currency, military and definitions of who is African is needed because we are still enslaved by Europeans. We need an economy, because Europeans will cut off your ability to make money and no “poor” or “good” White person will do a damn thing about it. We need a military because White controlled military enforce White ideology and economic supremacy under the gun. 


Nanga Def! Gaspar Yanga signing off