American Revolution


ACBN Deciphering Negropean Sycophant Ideology


by Gaspar Yanga

July 21, 2014


We are not living in a new day – Amos Wislon



Negroes believe as they have been either been taught to believe or choose to believe because of their value system that places a great deal upon Pink European and Brown Africans forever being tied together, that we are in a new day of race relations. That African Centered individuals who are calling for justice, revenge and the creation of a separate African nation are illogical. The rationale that these Negroes use is based upon the Pink European Liberal definition of freedom for Brown Africans. As Marcus Garvey stated the European Liberal and the Mulattoe /Negro group solution to the African problem is that Africans give up their history, culture, identity and assimilate into the Western European Hegemonic Structure. The catch phrases Negroes will use are as following: ” Its about race not class”, “nobody is stopping you from doing anything”, ” can you tell me how Europeans are oppressing you”, “today you can eat with Europeans” and “today you are allowed to marry Europeans”.

My response to this ideology is, Why was the revolutionary war fought? If you were to look at the three main African groups: African-American, African-Caribbean and the Continental Brown Africans as independent nations in comparison to the European-American, European Caribbean Neo Colonies and the African Neo Colonies you will see the exact same relationship of that of the 13 Colonies and Great Britain. The only difference is the Africans are in far worse condition than the 13 European Colonies of North America.

As the British view the 13 Colonies and their population as property of the British Crown, the European-America still views African-Americans as their own property. This relationship disempower the African-American population into a subordinate group which is managed by a comprador class of primary Black Left Leaning Democrats. This group primary objective was described by Marcus Garvey:  “I would not exchange two five-cent cigars – even though I don’t smoke – for all the Colored or Negro political leaders, or rather ‘mis-leaders,’ of our time. The fraternity is heartless, crafty and corrupt. They exist only for themselves, and give no honest thought to the future, nor to the condition of the people, except to exploit the sad condition to their political benefit. The leaders of the race are visionless and selfish. They think only of themselves. Among our people, there is no relief from such a class of so-called ‘leaders,’ because they monopolize our politics and obstruct our outlook. The only tempering hope is religion, and that is like dry bones – we have to wait a long while for them to come together in the valley. To use our present political leaders there must be a conversion and reformation of head and heart. I believe it to be impossible with the inviting system of graft; therefore I suggest that leadership be assumed by our uncorrupted youth, with a program clear, positive, and determined, counting well the cost of opposition and persecution, which generally leads to the Bastille and the Guillotine.”  

Prior to the American Revolutionary War, Europeans in the 13 Colonies shared all the same privileges as African-Americans, African-Caribbeans and Continental-Africans have today. They could vote, they could purchase products and marry who they wanted. Yet, their economy, politics and their future was determined by another group of Europeans who shared the same class as they did.

European-Americans are very deceptive and dishonest when dealing with the average ordinary Negro, because their culture is rooted in deception and lies. There have been several groups who have been duped and fooled by the sweet persuasive words of the European-Liberal. The European-Liberal is a master at manipulation of the consciousness of history, people and current events. The European-Liberal primary goal is to gain control over a non-European group and use those ideological flunkies so they can do bidding for higher positions with the Industrious European Management Class often called “Elites” or the new propaganda “1%” ( i will get into this dangerous propaganda at a later time).

Europeans have fought to gain a level of freedom, Africans do not have and will fight and use any means necessary to make sure that the African MAN, not male, but the African man does not every overthrow European Hegemony over his life. As Dr. Amos N. Wilson stated: “Europeans have no plans in ever giving up social control over African people”. And because many Africans as Marcus Garvey stated fall for propganda:   “Propaganda has done more to defeat the good intentions of races and nations than even warfare. Propaganda is a medium or method used by organized peoples to convert others against their will. Our race is suffering more than any other race in the world from propaganda – propaganda to destroy our hopes, our ambitions, and our confidence in self.”

Negroes fall for the fantasy and illusions that Europeans give. But all one would have to do is go to a European/American University to find out how deliberate European racism, hegemony and control is. European Americans on every college campus in America are being prepped to maintain control over the stolen land, resources and power that European “Elites” took and to block the African masses for getting what they put into the American system. They must convince and manipulate African consciousness to a level in which Africans never seek to change or OVERTHROW this but seek rather to work within the European system and ultimately joining it to maintain European Hegemony over Africans.

White wives, mulatto children that resemble European beauty and good jobs do not represent progress or power for Africans. Nor does it represent revenge and justice for our African ancestors. This is what you call traitorous behavior in which appeases Europeans and justifies in their mind their domination over African peoples. African people creating music and art in which as all inclusive and eventually ends up being controlled by Mulattoes and Europeans once Africans are exhibiting the behaviors that lost Egypt and North Africa.

To the Negropeans this is my response to you and my question to you? If being able to travel where you want to go, marry who you want and purchase products of other people is freedom. Then why was the Revolutionary War Fought? Clearly  you have been led to misread history and have not compared the American Revolution to the conditions and plight of Brown Africans. Let this be a friendly reminder July 5, 1776, Africans were still enslaved and by 1902 Europeans had colonized 90% of African with Ethiopia being the only nation not to be enslaved. Where is your Revolution? Where is your Israel?


Sala Khale!