If you accept my definition of the world, I will rule you – Dr. Bobby E Wright


A Need for an African Centered Biological Nationalist World Map


by Gaspar Yanga 

July 22, 2014


How we see the world will determine how we approach the world with our own very lives. ACBN, must create our own map in order to properly see the world and thus create African power. One of the major barriers for African intellectual development is US/EU World Maps. These imaginary borders have created all types of havoc around the world even for Europeans.

No better example of the power of Maps and defining the world is Eastern Europe today. Vladmir Putin is described by his Western cousins as wanting to rebuild the Soviet Union which collapsed. In the last 6 years, we have seen major conflicts in the former Soviet region over Western/Eastern interpretations over boundaries. 

Russo-Georgian War 



In 2008, a battle between South Ossetia and Georgia broke out because  ethnic Russians wanted to break away from a West leaning Georgia. Russia the hegemonic leader in the region quickly joined into the conflict and sided with their ethic brothers who lived in South Ossettia. The hypocrite Western powers came out and gave their typical response of condemning another global Power for doing the exact same thing they do to others and that is impose their political might on others.


Nigeria Civil War: Biafra War 




Every SSA (Sub-Saharan African) nation has borders that were defined for them by their European colonial masters. The Hausa of Northern Nigeria have aimed to recreate the Sokoto Empire since the Lugardist State known as Nigeria was created. The ndi Igbo of Southern Nigeria were forced into structure which neglected the  religious, linguistic, and ethnic differences. The Biafra War of Independence from the Lugardist Neo Colonial European Nigeria was based upon a European definition of Borders and a ndi Igbo West African definitions of borders. The muslim north ethic groups which include many Yoruba, Hausa, and Bachama people wanted to maintain the Neo Colonial state, which remains today.

French Canadien vs. Anglophile Canada


French Canadien who are European themselves do want to be assimilated into other European cultures. And have their OWN definition of what Canada is to them. This is an example of even conflicts within North America.


ACBN must create a new world map based upon our definition of the world in which will give our children and future a  head start in understand what they must do. For the rest of this essay I will break down my definition of the world.


New Western Europe


1.United States


3. Israel


5. South Africa

These 5 nations are extensions of Europe, European Culture, European Politics and European Military expansion into other parts of the World.

Old Western Europe


1.United Kindgom





These are the 5 powerful hegemony old West European nations. *** not an complete list

East Europe




3. Georgia *** Western European controlled


5.Czech Republic

These are the 5 powerful Eastern Block Nations. There is no New East Europe. Many of these nations ie Russia and Poland are organized groups of Eastern Europeans who are rivals with the Western Europeans and have not benefited from the colonial wars and domination of others as their cousins in the West. *** 

New Hispania (European)



3. Argentina


5. Colombia

Hispania is ancient Spain, Portugal and Italy. These are mixed raced European peoples. Even in ancient times they were mixed raced Europeans. They are the mutts of Europe. They are not aligned to the Western European sphere of influence. They are rivals. They were the first group of Europeans to colonized and enslave Africans. *** not a full list

Old Hispania


2. Portugal 


This is old Hispania. They are tied together historically, culturally and linguistically.

New West African/Central Africa

1. African United States/Canada Population

2. African Caribbean Population

These people are majority African DNA and represent West/Central African people. They are culturally and historically very similar. But there is no economic, linguistic or political unity among the 70 million African American and African Caribbean people.

Old West Africca/Central Africa

1. Nigeria 



4. Ivory Coast


*** not a complete list of countries. 340 million people of West Africa. These are original cultures and relatives of the Africans of the Western Hemisphere.

Old Central Africa

1. Angola

2. Cameroon

3.Central African Republic 


5. DRC

***not a complete list. Roughly 130 million people. Original cultures and relatives of Africans in the Western Hemisphere. 



1. China


3. Japan

4. South Korea

5. North Korea

*** not complete list. 2/3 of the worlds total population. Creating a new non Western European sphere of influence. 

Middle Eastern: Arab/Persian

1.United Arab Emirates


3. Saudi Arabia

4. Yemen

5. Iraq/Iran/Syria

*** not complete list. Another sphere of influence.


South/East Africa

1. South Africa

2. Uganda


4. Zimbabwe

5. Tanzania

***not a complete list.. These are the other Black “Brown” African peoples. Many East “African” Nations are dominated by anti African non African people mixed with Arab/Persian/European blood. 


This is a brief snap shot of the world. ACBN must not identify with non Black “Brown” Groups”. We must begin to organize ourselves around the Afrikan groups. Afrikan meaning those who are majority Brown African DNA. We must firs form economic, ideological relationships that then develop into religious and nation state forming relations. Afrikan Carribeans are an exception because Jamaica and Haiti are Afrikan Identities. But other Africans must not see themselves as “America”, “French” “British” simply because you live within those borders or are citizens of those nations. Lets not be arrogant over a White man created society or be arrogant because you remain in a dominated old African society for this is counter productive. We as ACBN must reprogram our minds and the minds of a SELECTED group of orders into rearranging the world. Israel never existed before 1947, it existed because European men said it would. Thus, we as Africans must began to change who we see the world so we could move in a more unified afford to liberate ourselves. 

Sala Kahle!