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European Homosexual Hegemony: Europeans Continued Sexual Assault on African Children

by Gaspar Yanga

July 22, 2014

European Homosexual Hegemony which poses as a Gay Civil Rights Movement today has once again shown its ugly head in Kenya. A European-American savage by the name of Michael Lane Durham,19, of Edmond, Oklahoma went on a European rampage on Brown African children in Kenya.

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 Do not expect any African American Democrats or Republicans to express any outrage or support of African Freedom Fighters such has Rebecca Kadaga, Robert Mugabe or Yoweri Museveni who are risking their lives to take a strong stance against European/American Homosexualization of African Children under the guise of Gay Rights.

Intellectual Battle between human and savage

Rachael Maddow, a pink European American colonialist engaged in physic violence against David Bahati of Uganda for his support of the anti Pedophile laws in Uganda which states that if you are found guilty of molesting children and promoting Homosexuality to young children you shall be put to death. Rachael Maddow, like ALL European Left Wing Pink Supremacist began to use the typical lies and deception in order to confuse the issues be claiming that Uganda simply wanted to hunt down those who practice anti sexual behavior. Rachael Maddow is a well educated woman, she knows that the intent of the law is to punish pedophiles but she purposely obscures that fact because she being a European Supremacist wants to have access to African females.


Obama vs. Uganda

Barack Obama the biracial President of the United States of Africa, was put in place so the Europeans could use one of their children in order to teach those Black Africans a lesson. The Europeans assumed the Barack Obama having an African father, that Africans would bow down to him and support the homosexualization of African children but they have not. Barack Obama has led an assault on Rebecca Kadaga for supporting this bill to defend and protect African children. The Barack Obama Administration has threatened to freeze Rebecca Kadagas assets and has even threatened to suspend AID to Uganda if they do not reverse their anti-pedophila laws and anti homosexuality laws even though Uganda and Africans are suppose to have freedom.

white devil

African Caribbean Children Under Siege 

Douglas Perlitz, is a European American, who was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison for abusing poor and homeless children. These pedophiles are in poor African Caribbean countries to use African children as their sexual play things.


During the Brown African Azanian Revolution, Winnie Mandela began to notice that many of the traitors of the Azanian Revolution were young Brown African boys under the age of 15 who had been sexually turned out by Pink European pseudo anti Apartheid activist who were acting and pretending to be against apartheid while supporting it at the same thing by spreading European religious domination of Africans through the Catholic Church. This sick traitorous Brown African children while being victims of horrible crimes became a weapon to be used against the Brown African revolution. They were more loyal to their White child molestors than they were the Brown African brothers.

Homosexual Hegemony is about European homosexuals gaining political power based upon their sexual orientation and a militant want to homosexualize children. The ACBN do not at all oppose the homosexualization of European children, because this is their culture. The European Hegemonic Homosexual Movement ( Gay Rights Movement) have been well calculated and have strategized and devised a perfect scheme to gain access to African children and to use African American History in order to play upon the emotions of African Americans by claiming that the same White people who are opposed to homosexuality are those who enslaved your ancestors and denied you the right to sleep with European women.

The EHHM ( European Homosexual Hegemonic Movement) are a group of White homosexuals who sit around in their think tanks and scheme of ways to get their agenda pushed upon the masses. They made a strategic decisions because they viewed the African American as an important group to lead this movement because of the Civil Rights Movement. They like European American Conservatives adopted much of the language of the Civil Rights Movement in order to gain sympathy based upon a painful past vs. actual logic.

The EHHM, looks at African Americans as complete idiots. They have no respect for the history of any group of Africans and are willfully manipulating many into supporting them in their devious scheme to gain access to Americans schools so they can begin to homosexual children and grow their army.

EHHM scientist make up several lies. They claim that homosexuality is not a choice. But it is a known fact that young males who are sexually molested by older men begin to think it is normal behavior. Many African children who are in foster care who have been molested, begin to practice on their siblings the homosexual acts they learned from adults. The EHHM and EHHM Scientist purposely ignore this fact and leave this out of debates. Homosexuality in most cases I believe are a result of someone being molested and that throwsoff their brain chemistry and manipulates their own brain into thinking homosexuality is their choice. This even happens to heterosexual women. Heterosexual women who are molested by heterosexuals will often believe that being sexually assaulted and abused is love. There are women who have been abused by men who are their family members and they grow up and psychologically seek out men who are abusive to them and often find themselves in situation where they are raped again. Many young women have said that they were promiscuous because it is all they had ever known, they could not feel love or any time of deep attachment to men outside of sex. These things are truly tragic no matter if they are done by homosexuals and heterosexuals. They difference is, that heterosexual males are not trying to create political, culture and economic power around the molestation of children because they know that this will be destructive because no man is going to allow is daughter to be molested. We need to give our boys this same type of protection.

ACBN, must aggressively come up with a well thought out and detail plan or approach to intellectual destroy the EHHM. I am very confident it can be done. We need people to be on the ground in our communities warning of these predators regardless of their race. But as usual with race, the European Homosexual and Pedophiles because they belong to a stronger group are trying to politicize homosexuality into, equating being against homosexuality/pedphilia is the same as being against Africans. This is not only utter non sense it is a racist insult done by White homosexuals at it exposes how brain dead Africans are to ape this ideology and how little no respect that Europeans have for us as Africans.

When any talk of reparations or justice for Africans is ever mentioned all Europeans have typical responses: “White people were slaves too”, “Its not my fault”, “Irish yada yada yada”, “poor Whites” and “Jews in the holocaust”. Isn’t it funny that these Europeans when its time to promote homosexuality aren’t comparing homosexuality to being Irish, Jewish or a Poor White. What a complete insult. European Homosexual Hegemony is a powerful force which can stop Africans from having gainful employment and even ruin sports and political careers. These European Homosexuals like all European Cartels of power are not innocent little victims they are ruthless cut throat people who are aggressively trying to push a European Movement and if you do not accept it they will kill your economically or politically. The European never ceases to amaze me. Another generation of Europeans with another moral crusade that will crush and dominate anyone standing in their way. ACBN we must fight to protect our children at any cost!

Sala Kahle! Signing off