How White Men Rule Over African People


Photo Above: Joie Manda, President of Black American Music


The Cautionary Tale of Damon Dash former CEO of Roc-a-Fella



by Gaspar Yanga 

July 23, 2014


One of the main themes of African Centered Biological Nationalism is doing things as a group/collective. Dr. Amos N Wilson, often states that Adolph Hitler did not exist as an individual but he was a representation of a general collective consciousness. The perception of Nazi Germany is that it was Adolph Hitler acted alone as if the German people were just some innocent docile people who did not know better. Even though the German Nation was held responsible and forced to pay damages the overall blame of the events that happened fell on the shoulders of one man and the German Nation has escaped and rebounded. Compare Cuba vs. Germany. I am not a fan of Castro but his nation was given a fart stiffer penalty than that of the German Nation.

The 1% and Elite propaganda ( I will break this down in a future blog) is aimed at freeing the White collective ie “99%” for their role in the exploitation of non Europeans, thus relieving them of any guilt. This is done deliberated and its done to maintain European hegemony over Africans. European America power was gained as a White collective. There is not “1”% that maintained and enforced racist laws over African people without the approval of Europeans themselves, who received financial and status benefits from the domination of African peoples. The so called “99%” will not every address that issue honestly.

In a recent VLOG on Youtube, Nubian Times, spoke about the lack of an African Collective in the defense of African children in Kenya. This is something that is very detrimental to the survival of African people. We have yet to formulate an solid African Centered Biological Nationalist Collective that is about protecting our interest. A great case study in what the lack of working as a collective or a group is the curious case of Dame Dash and Hip Hop Art.

Dame Dash, is a confused Negro, whom lust after non African women and has mixed race children but he brings up some very valid points even though he is a hypocrite at the same time. African people must form a African Centered Biological Business Ideology to stop Europeans from using the monies that are a direct result of the enslavement and the colonization of Africans to dominate future African American created arts, business and sub cultures.

Dame Dash is alleged to have paid Barry Klarberg, $250,000 per year to pay his taxes. He created a $250,000 per year that could have went to an African person. Many young and honest African people globally graduate with degrees in law and accounting only to find racism a factor that bars them from the field. An African Centered Biological Nationals Organization shall always have a an honest and trustworthy CFO ( Chief Financial Officer). This is complete stupidity on the part of Dame Dash to have paid a IMA person to “pay his taxes”. 

In the early 2000s, Dame Dash was routinely featured on shows like BET and MSNBC as being a cutting edge new breed of African American. He boasted about owning ProKeds.  Yet comes to find out he simply had a licensing agreement. The arrogance of Europeans and the stupidity of African people at some times is amazing. They terminated him out of racial loyalty to the very people he is not blasting in the media such as Lyor Cohen and Joie Manda. Western European/American culture is based in the fundamental relationship of White domination and Black subordination at every social economic class you can get it. African Centered Biological Nationalist need to created a Business Textbook which breaks down European/African business relationships in a more detailed and clear cut way than Dr. Amos N Wilson did. 

Another one of the dubiously stupid things that Dame Dash did was purchase real estate on credit. Trying to imitate the greedy schemes of Europeans backfired when the housing market crashed in 2008, add that on to the fact that Lyor Cohen was effectively able to divide Jay Z from Dame Dash based upon both men’s apparent lack of racial pride. African Centered Biological Nationalism must begin to go into great detail of how not to if at all possible purchase PERSONAL real estate property on credit. Real Estate which many said was the key to wealth in America, sapped away Dame Dash wealth fast. 

ACBN Business and Economic Markets we create must be fully ran and controlled by African males and females, who are in relationships or will seek out relationships with Africans who will recreate African children. The businesses and economic markets will be the life of our nation and we must educate future generations of the schemes of Europeans and how they manipulate African people into being wealth builders for themselves. Dr. Amos N Wilson once commented, that if Mike Tyson made 300 million, he was generating billions. 

ACBN must have a clear cut ideology that we want to be a collective that we want to control full our world. ACBN objective of becoming a sovereign African people means our leadership of any corporate entity will be in the hands of Africans. And these peoples will share our ACBN and we will pull our wealth together in order to create political power, which will lead to an actual land mass which is our in which we defend. The clear cut aim and objective must be complete and total African Self Determination similar to that of the European Colonialist of Israel, who proudly proclaim Israel is the only place in the WORLD where Jews can practice self determination. Self determination means you are not subjected to White or even Negropean domination because you choose to be a African man or woman, who upholds the best of African culture and rejects a culture which promotes vulgarity and the degradation of African people. 

Dame Dash like most self loathing, egotistical, Eurocentric, color struck males represent a personality flaw in the African genome that must be destroyed. Our ideology and business culture must project African dominance, worth ethic and supreme intelligence. We want a business culture which African men and African women are apart of a collective which is concerned with the protection of the African family, the develop of African children and the maintenance of our older ancestors as they get old. 

Europeans have manipulated Africans into a level of consciousness in which they do not work as a collective group and allow Europeans to divide them. We must create a culture in which we celebrate working with each other and providing for each other. We want to create a ACBN NATION, in which we look out for the best interest of even the lowest member of our nation. We are a disorganized group whom are easy prey for the organized ethnic and culture groups such as the Koreans, Arabs and Turks. That is why they are able to dominate us in business. 

Men like Jay Z, 50 Cent and Michael Jordan whos value system is concerned with being accepted and validated by Europeans are not ACBN, nor will they never be. They represent a class of African people in which their future descendants will be assimilated into the greater non African world. We must not spend too much time worried about the “success” which is promoted in the media. Because if it is not organized success that is sustained and creates African economic independence than it is no success at all. 

 The United States of America is a nation founded upon, European People taking control over another peoples landmass and assuming the identity as the original people and founders of that land. This behavior of the European group has not ceased. They have manipulated you into thinking it has. Their nature is to be predatory with other species. The European has not changed and the sooner a large number of us realize that then things such as Kenya and this buffoon Dame Dash losing his wealth would not happen. 

We need a committed group of African men and women, who’s objective is to create an exclusive ideological based economy where ACBN can grow. We need lawyers, business people, accountants, engineers and computer programmers. They must if they do not have an African name, adopt one. They must begin to in ACBN business go through political and business reprogramming and they must be the force which creates true ACBN communities. I am not going to go into details but I have some plans in my head which once I am in a better position we can began to execute first as a small collective of well vetted and background checked individuals who are not only disgusted with the current state of African Affairs but want to do something about it and recruit a selected group to join. What makes any ACBN different from any European male that has created a nation. You must believe and sincerely want to create this reality in your life. I believe we will be successful. We must also have a business community that places high value on African couples and groups of close friends in order to effectively socialize the African children who will be our future legacy to carry upon the ACBN ideology and nation.

We allow them to rule over us because we have not developed a sound ideology and rules for a selected group of African males. Looking at the economic condition of African men and women, this ideology is needed and once the development of the necessary businesses are create and we vet very well people who we allow to join. We will flourish. But it is not worth it if European males will rule over us. European males created an almost exclusive White boys club which runs the entire US Economy. The Asians have built their club and we need to build ours. 


Sala Kahle!