Carmelo Anthony and Stuart Goldfarb launch Ventural Capital Fund

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The Negro or “Colored” race is developing a class of millionaires and money-hoarders, much more dangerous to the race’s life and existence than any similar group of men among any other race”…….Not half of one percent, of the rich or wealthy of the Negro or “colored” race give for charity or uplift work among their own people, to help to find employment for them….The rich are selfish and foolish, and their primary purpose in life is to ape the whites and as quickly as possible seek their company with the hope of social absorption, and jumping over the race line….Any well prepared white person may easily influence the rich Negro or “Colored” person to part with his wealth for social patronage and company, while another worthy Negro seeking help in any racially helpful effort or enterprise would be insulted and treated with contempt if he were to approach the same individual for help that would result to mutual benefit.” (Marcus Garvey, “A Race Paradox”)



by Gaspar Yanga

July 24, 2014


I want to ask my readers a serious questions. If Carmelo Anthony, was a business graduate, and approached Stuart Goldfarb about creating a venture capital fund, and Carmelo had no money, would Stuart Goldfarb, partner with him?

I have no hate or jealous for Carmelo Anthony, I just don’t for the life of me, understand how Black or Mixed Race men who are majority African, can gain hundreds of millions of dollars and hire White males that would not even speak to them unless they had money. These men that these millionaire African and majority African DNA athletes give opportunities to are men who where in racially exclusive fraternities in college, they themselves have racist views of blacks and are connected politically to groups of Whites who subordinate and dominate ordinary African people. And if these African males, could not generate billions playing sports they would not be among them. There is no cultural continuity and no aggressive competitive racial pride in African males.

Lets not sugar coat what I am talking about. I believe that African people should once they gain considerable amounts of wealth should work with other African people to created African owned and controlled institutions. There are numerous African American, African Caribbean and Continental African Business Geniuses. Carmelo Anthony does not need this clown. He could go to an HBCU and find a brilliant African American female and work with to become his CFO(Chief Financial Officer) of his venture capital fund. He could take young African American or African Caribbean MBA and work with them to develop the necessary skills and get the necessary qualifications that will help them to take over and buy out the things our race needs.

These older White males who these guys are dealing with are bigots. Look at how the owner of Cleveland Cavs spoke to Lebron James for going to Miami. How in the hell could Lebron go back to Cleveland? Why are you so loyal to a city that marginalized Black people? Why is it no matter its Jay Z, Lebron or 50 Cent, its some White male thats there like some paternalistic parent. Jay Z is out here promoting Jewish and White politics? He is not using his wealth to get justice for ordinary Blacks? Where is the fucking pride in African men? This kills me!These images that makes it seem as if we NEED WHITE PEOPLE. And these same smug arrogant people are the people who benefit and profit from the underdevelopment of Africa and African people.

Its so many wasted opportunities. Instead of us as African people, praising and blowing up Harvard, Yale and Princeton, we could be developing our own Law Schools which exclusively gives power to African male and female Lawyers. They could be doing the legal work for Carmelo firm. We can handle our OWN AFFAIRS and we can get justice for slavery no matter if Whites like it or not and develop military institutions that protect Africa and challenge USA Hegemony. The USA is not our nation, we are merely servants to it and we as a whole are happy about it. This kills me on the inside. I remember being in business school around these smug arrogant prick bigoted White guys, who were nice if you played sports but the ordinary Black student was just there. God, I saw myself in the ordinary black kid who wasn’t an athlete and I said to myself ,I said how they threat these kids, is how they truly think of me.

Black men are so fucking pathetic its not funny. I mean the Donald Sterling situation exposes that even more. Oprah, Magic and Gaylord Perry, it took a racist White man for them to think about owning a NBA team. It says more about Black people than it does Sterling. You bozos could be doing so much more, but then it explains why you have what you have, because they gave it to you because you would not use it as a collective to build for AFRICANS. Its 21st and you got Black millionaires and billionaires who are serving White Hegemony.

Why? Why do you love these people so much? Why? I understand the slavery thing but come on. These people are planning to destroy us and if we dont bow down to them they punish us and kick us out of their sports leagues. Look at how we so fucking controlled. Dwight Howard, is afraid to speak out . Yet, Gays are aggressive in pushing their agenda. The entire Gay agenda is about some mythical historical wrongs that are done towards Gays. They have an entire organized business structure set up that is demanding power and recognition. How can Black males from poor communities not look to reach out to young Black kids graduating from college who NEED the help and the opportunity more than anyone?

I was watching a youtube of this tricky devil Howard Stern, and Katt Williams. And Howard Stern comes at Katt Williams with this racist condescending manipulation, that Katt did not even pick up on, but amazingly Robin Quivers did. Howard mentions the election of Biracial Obama, and he says, well White people arent so bad, and racism is not holding you back. Then Robin, chimes in, and says Howard, look at how successful Jews are, yet you claim Jews are discriminated against and oppressed. Howard, says that is different. The is the mentality.

Gays, Jews and White Women no matter how many individual members of their group rise up are still about the advancement of their group. They are aggressive, outspoken and use their collective wealth to build for their group. These rappers and athletes are in many cases people who terrorize and destroy Black communities selling drugs and promoting degenerate behavior in the Black community.

Black people as stated by Dr. Amos N Wilson, have to feel good about themselves when they are around Europeans. Europeans of today are still able to benefit from the actions of their ancestors in the way Black African people are a planned underclass. Western White, Jews, Gays and White women are not a planned permanent underclass. The teenage adolescent African child in America live in war zones not only because of White racism and being excluded from participating in mainstream American economy but also because of the enormous amounts of wealth that a select group of greedy and selfish African Americans who never sincerely or seriously reinvest back into these people. In fact they got out of their way to not only disassociate themselves with Black youth who are in need of help, they also disassociate themselves from the nearly 500,000 African Americans who graduate from college each year.

African Integration Mentality is backwards, illogical and is used against the majority of African people globally. We are playing into the hands of the White Nations that have for centuries marginalized us and continues to marginalize us wage all types of wars on our people. I mean you have AIDs and Ebola Viruses that probably came from White scientist wiping our people out and all White people have to do is give you some trinkets and you forget who you are.

We as Black men, need to do much better than this. We need to have more of the economic pie of the Western Hemisphere. We need to get redistribution of wealth before any of these other groups we align ourselves with. These groups all have contempt for us. I just don’t understand how a Black man could live in New York City, where Black males have 50% unemployment and he can’t find HONEST, Trustworthy and hardworking Black men to do the same job or is willing to work with him until he learns.

We are better than this!

Sala Kahle!