European Children Role in the maintenance of European Hegemony

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Barack Insane Obama


by Gaspar Yanga

July 24, 2014


ZaZa Ali, is what I call a double stuffed fraud. Her mother is a majority European DNA female who claims to be Native American. Native Americans are another group of people in which Europeans conquered and now have placed a majority DNA European Class over the Native American peoples. ZaZa Ali, is a person who has a non AFRICAN MOTHER, is proclaiming to be of the same cloth of African people. Her father may have even been a mulatto.

It pains me to go to YouTube, and see comments of Brown Africans, talking how beautiful she is, how African women need to look up to her. Zaza Ali, continues to subordination of African people by putting herself in the same group as African people. She is not AFRICAN. She does not have any trait of even closely being African and this is what destroys the group psychologically and keeps us mentally enslaved. You cant have women like this leading a movement. People are purposely using this non sense “Africans come in all different shades” to maintain European standards of Beauty over that of African. How can  we be revolutionary if we are in front of little Brown African girls drooling over some woman who never called a Black woman mother?

Zaza Ali, is a non African, looking for a leadership position over brain dead African peoples. She is not simply light skinned, her mother is a majority European DNA person who claims to be Native American. I mean this is our future. To be replaced by these people like Ben “Vince Vaughn” Jealous, Barack Obama and Zaza Ali. I mean where are the thinking men at? I don’t not want the children of non Africans, especially someone who was raised by non African woman to be in my racial group.

Zaza Ali, is a person who completely undermines African Centered Ideology. Its one thing for a person to be high yellow but when your mother is a non African. I understand that slave rape happened but are we going to use that as an excuse to exterminate the group and have these mulattoes who are the products of recent consensual relationships  rule over us? They don’t rule in any original European, Asian or Arab country.

Europeans, Asians and Arabs have clear defined racial definitions for their group. A solid African Centered organization is not going to be concerned with other groups. There are several distraction tactics that are used. People say, Black people need to take accountability for their own actions. Yet, when Black people begin to organize they want to include Whites and Mulattoes. These groups will direct Africans into roads that will lead to failure and they will take ZERO responsibility for their actions. This is why ACBN need to keep these people at arms length. If African people are to have SELF DETERMINATION we need to remove liberal Whites and confused Mulattoes out of the fold completely.

I recently had this mulatto telling me that Black people are their own problem. Then in the next breath he will talk about how we need to all work together because White people suffering too. I said, if we work with White people and the black communities are fucked up, are you going to then blame Whites? That idiot realized that this already happened and simply tried to deflect upon a bunch of bullshit I cared not to listen to.

It the same thing in Africa, these African leaders are taking economic advice from White racist, yet these people are taking full RESPONSIBILITY for the failures of their economies when they did not even formulate the program. Zimbabwe is the perfect example. Mugabe went into the ESAP from the IMF world bank. Nobody, Black, Mulatto or White, is going to blame Whites for the problems in Zimbabwe. MUGABE is held responsible even for a drought he could not control. This is a sound and reasonable argument I am making. If African men are to be 100% held accountable for the failures or success of African people, we must be in total control over ever leadership and every movement. I rest my case!


Sala Khale!

Dr. Mwalimu Baruti, Professor Griff, Irritated Genie, Sara Suten Seti, and host ZaZa Ali in a Black warriors summit….

Sara Suteni Seti, Baruti, Homeland Security Agent, Alex Jones pal Griff and the little White girl Zaza Ali are Black Warriors…. just meditate on that.