Farrah Gray: Dangerous Propaganda that signals Genocide is on the way!

farrakahn muhamamd

by Gaspar Yanga

July 28, 2014


Farrah Gray, I first saw him on TV years ago, though I did not know he was, I knew his story was bullshit. I said it’s no way a 14 year old kid bottled syrup and sold rocks and went door to door, making millions. I mean it’s just common sense. Farrah Gray, represents two things: 1. European Hegemonic Arrogance 2. African traitorous behavior. He was born Farrakhan Muhammad, later changed his name to Farrah Grey, and now goes around the country on public TV, representing himself as some rags to riches American success story. Farrah Grey is a poor mans Oprah Winfrey, some token figure the European Hegemony Social Order uses to maintain control over African peoples minds. Farrah Gray, is an example of the extreme measures Europeans take to maintain control and how deliberate the brainwashing of African people is.

I recently saw a facebook post where he had a list of celebrities who pass for White. How can you pass for White? And If you can pass for White, can you pass for Black? The logic of people is so painfully flawed its pathetic. To get to the point he said:

“Jessica Alba is a mixture of folks that includes a Black father and a mother with European roots. Her big debut was in the ‘70s with “Flashdance” and then she starred with Denzel Washington in “Devil in a Blue Dress.” She was also on the long running Showtime series “The L Word.”

alba father

What is the purpose of this lie? Why is this kid, who’s father was some type of revolutionary telling lies like this? And why are bird brain black people going for this?

There is so much propaganda going around about Lincoln, Eisenhower and others. The climate is currently set for an African Genocide. These patterns of events are very dangerous for African people.

black womanalba

2014, and the degradation of African women has not stopped. Her image is being slowly replaced by IMAs and mixed race people. This is a danger to our existence. A reminder. I believe that Farrah Gray having a mulatto mother plays a role into this. ACBN national leaders must have wives/girlfriends that resemble Nauri Naughton, we must create good African children. African children are going to be fighting a dangerous war in the future vs. mulattoes and mixed raced people. The African race is in a fight for its life and existence. Ideology must become before economics. Moving without making sure those around you share your ideology is dangerous! Dr. Khalid Muhammad proved that to be true, leave these mixed raced women as well they create defective stock ass well.