The Myth of “Light Skinned vs Dark Skinned”




by Gaspar Yanga 

July 29, 2014


There is no conspiracy by Whites to pit “light skinned” vs. “dark skin”. The only conspiracy there is by Whites, is to manipulate the consciousness of Africans into accepting their offspring as authentic African people, and in doing so and allowing these hybrids among the group to serve in vital leadership positions  on the emotional and irrational bases of the mythological Willie Lynch characters letter to plantation owners. When European men begin to prey on African women they did do it for a purpose. They wanted  create a hybrid offspring that would look similar to Africans that could do the  bidding of Europeans. 

Barack Insane Obama

The issue is authentic African people vs. non authentic African people laying claim to only one side of their identity because they are not permitted by the European people to be considered as a pure blooded European. Many Africans people claim that the African “gene” is dominant therefore a half European is the same as a pure African. That alone makes no sense but this photo proves how European genetics dilute the African genome creating something different:


obama family

Barack Obama, in the photo above does not resemble in anyway his father or his half brothers. He looks nothing like them. In fact even those those boys also do not all share the same mother they all share the same phenotype. Now, a Negro will say well look at someone like Nelson Mandela, he is Obama complexion. Nelson Mandela is not a Kenyan. That is not a logical and further proves my point to be correct. You have to go outside of Barack Obama’s family tree and search for an African that may look somewhat similar to these guy. And in the photo above Barack Obama has a tan and is still not brown!


Why does this light skin and dark skin only apply to Blacks? Why aren’t mulattoes aggressive in claiming their Whiteness to the White group? This defies the logic of probability. If Africans and Europeans are mating, and creating offspring, why aren’t there large numbers of mulattoes in the European World, considered as pure White as the majority White DNA groups? Why aren’t their any mulattoes in the Asians world who are considered as pure Asian as the majority Asian DNA group? 


tiger woods


African people adopting the ignorance of European people is not progressive nor is it intelligent. Just because some ignorant golfer asked a Asian man who’s father was partially African, was he going to serve fried chicken and watermelon, does make him African. African people are extremely self loathing, thus want to identify themselves with people who they perceive as being Black. Tiger Woods clearly resembles his mother and identifies with her and her culture, yet it was a group of African people who were upset. It says more about you, than it does Tiger Woods, that you would call him self hating for identifying with his mother yet you want to claim a person as a member of your race who has a non African mother! I get so tired of people who call themselves the Prince of Pan Africa yet promoting such foolishness as ” White supremacy told Tiger Woods he is Black”. So you are a Prince who allows others to define the world for you?



The issue is authentic African people having to fight with hybrids who are pushing a different agenda that what would be progressive for African people. These hybrids despise African people and play upon the emotions of rape of an African women to legitimize themselves. The thing about this, is if an African man, rapes a European women, then does that make mulattoes White? If Eric Snowden betrayed a European nation, does that make them White? See the can only apply flawed logic to the African group and never to any other group, because other groups have too much pride and self respect.


White people have created mentacide in the minds of Africans, with the ultimate goal is to replace Africans with a hybrid group that will serve their interest because of family ties to Whites. Dr. Bobby E. Wright defined mentacide as: “the planned and systematic destruction of a group’s mentality aimed at the destruction of the group.” That is why an African Centered Biological Nationalist Ideology is needed, because one of the aims of ACBN Ideology is to safeguard the group from this destruction of the mind.


Authentic Africans, those born of two African parents with brown skin and African textured hair, are not the same as mixed raced and mulattoes peoples who come from diverse family backgrounds. The politics of authentic Africans will not take into account these peoples families, nor should authentic African politics care. Authentic Africans vs. European Created Africans will never see eye to eye, that is like asking a Hyena to see the world from the view of a Lion? That is madness. 


This African Centered Biological Nationalist, wants Africans to stop using the term light skin vs dark skin, because its wrong, and the real issues is authentic African vs. hybrid who wants to be considered apart of the African group because they will not be accepted by the other group they come from. It is very important that we as ACBN work to undue as much confusion as possible. We need to be thinkers first and foremost. Much of the dialogue African people use comes from old slave era rhetoric and we are living in the 21st century. Barack Obama, ZaZa Ali and Barutis grandchildren are not the products of slave rape but are the products of consensual relationships between people who are non African. 


Bogus claims of “dark skin supremacy” and “dark skin colorism” are ridiculous. Africans are Africans, how in the hell is a brown African telling a yellow skin he is not Black, colorism? He is not black? You would not get upset with a White, Asian or other, telling Barack Obama, he is not White, Asian or other, now would you? So how is Africans having the same standard of group membership colorism? I mean based upon the slave rape ideology, why doesn’t it cut both ways? Why aren’t yellow skinned people saying its not my fault, some African was raped, I am just as White as you are. Why isn’t that being said at all? Think! 


African Centered Biological Nationalism is about created a authentic African future for people with brown skin and African textured hair. It is not about hate or for dislike of yellow skinned people. There are many non African yellow skinned people whom I admire and like. Because I am saying that authentic Africans should be the face and leadership of African people with a sound African ideology and African spouses and resemble our great ancestors does not mean I am not a fan of Sade. I like Sade music but she is not me and I am not her. Malcolm X, I think he was good man but he is not an African man, he is something else. And this is the type of intellectual maturity that must define African Centered Biological Nationalism. Authentic vs non Authentic, enough with this light skin non sense. 


Sala Kahle!