Karim Wade Steals Wealth of Black Senegalese: Mulatto racism towards Blacks



by Gaspar Yanga August 1, 2014


ACBN’s must beware of the raising tide of Mulatto racism towards Black Africans. This racism toward Black African people began when Europeans began to procreate with Africans. European culture is racism and anti African by nature. Europeans seek out African mates in order to create a buffer class to push European interest among African peoples.

Senegal, a 90% Black African Nation, has only had one African woman, as First Lady of Senegal in its existence. Colorism and mongrelization is seen a way to rise up in the French Hegemonic Nation of Senegal, which exist as little more of a Neo Colonial State of France, primarily because of the lack of manhood and racist pride by Continental African males.

The Mulatto offspring of African imbukas are stealing and robbing the wealth of African nations in order to spend it in European Nations. Angola, Botswana and Senegal are three African nation who have been ruled by mixed race families in which Mulattoes (non African) inherit stolen wealth that belong to the children of African women!

France recently seized millions in assets from the wicked Mulatto Karim Wade, son of imbuka imbecile Abdul Wade of Senegal. The reports says:

After confiscating luxury cars and palaces worth millions of dollars from President Obiang Nguema’s son, France has again seized jewels estimated at millions of dollars and belonging to the jailed son of Senegal’s ex-President Abdoulaye Wade, sources said Saturday.


African has ample land and unemployed people doing nothing. Africans could be creating the Metropolis they want for themselves in Africa, but instead these imbuka’s and mulattoes want to spend the stolen wealth of African people in Europe. This is the type of traitorous behavior that has had an negative impact on Africans. Colin Powell, the wicked Caribbean Mulatto, killing Africans in Panama and Greneda for Europeans, Barack Obama, the racist European Mulatto who supports rebels with billions of dollars who kill Black Africans. We have a wicked class of Imbuka and Mulatto who are rising up to serve Europeans, we the ACBN must counter this with strong African women and by producing strong African children who are loyal to the African race and reject the one drop rule!


Sources: http://thisisafrica.me/france-seizes-jewels-african-leaders-son/


Sala Kahle!