by Gaspar Yanga July 31, 2014


ACBN, we must refrain from referring to African peoples in terminology used from USA Slavery. No longer should we call people house slaves or field slaves. We also need to get away from the use of the White mans created N-word and use the proper terminology of imbuka! Imbuka, is Zulu for traitor. ACBN’s, should represent the best of what it is to be an African. We are a self defining people first and foremost, because if we accept someone else’s definitions of the world they will rule over us. ACBN’s are not to be ruled ideologically, vocabulary wise or another what in which we can control in the NOW! 

I need all who follow the ACBN blog, to begin to in your spare time, begin to learn isiZulu. We will protect all Black African languages such as: Yoruba, Ewe, Akan, Gola and isiPedi! We respect all true African languages but not the bastardized languages that exist in East Africa and North Africa. We must protect dying African languages and we must communicate in African languages in order to free ourselves mentally from the bondage of European domination. 

Protecting Africa from Youtube, often states that by speaking English you are promoting European culture, history and control over Africans. He is correct. ACBN Official Langue will be the isiZulu language. That does not mean Africans who speak other African languages ie Yourba, Akan or Twi should give those up. It means that this will be the official language learned at all ACBN Independent School (ancestors willing). 


Sala Kahle!