Koba Personality vs. Caesar Personality


by Gaspar Yanga August 6, 2014

This is not going to be some weird or spooky analysis but I remember watching an Amos N Wilson lecture and him mentioning the movie Planet of the Apes. I never had seen the movie but Wilson, a psychologist, said in many ways that movie represented Europeans worse fear about Africans. ( I know many may be upset because its a movie about Apes) Wilson, stated that if the Apes began to wake up, they would dominate the world, and Wilson drew the analogy to African people, saying that if we mentally woke up we would take over the world. I agreed with that statement and begin to look at the themes, personalities and overall story line of the updated version of the movie series.

I am not going to tell the entire movie but  will discuss the main plot of the movie, and the personalities of two Apes, Koba and Caesar. Koba, was an ape who was tortured by scientist in their labs, as he was a before human trails, lab rat for corporations. Caesar, was a pet project of a scientist whom he lived with as the scientist was EXPERIMENTING a new drug on Caesar. Overall, Caesar, like the guy that used an experimental drug on him and viewed him as a GOOD HUMAN. This is a constant theme  that is pushed through the film “GOOD HUMAN” vs. “BAD HUMAN”. This is done on purpose to sow that in the head of the viewers mind to manipulate the consciousness of it being GOOD WHITE PEOPLE vs. BAD WHITE PEOPLE whom mean well but just don’t any better.

In the begging of this movie, some scientist wander into the apes territory ( theme of White innocence) and have a dispute with the Apes, in which one Ape is shot. Caesar, being the leader tells the people to leave and takes the injured Ape back home. Koba, having been abused by humans (Europeans), tells Caesar they should follow the humans back to where they are at. Koba, comes back and tells Caesar, that he believes they should attack the humans before they get stronger. Caesar, makes a snarky comment about how the only thing that Koba, learned from humans is hate. ( theme of seeking retribution against Europeans is wrong).

Koba, goes back into the humans camps, only to find they are stockpiled with WEAPONS. The innocent humans that Caesar loves so much has a army reserve of military grade weapons. Some of the humans go back to the Apes home, while Koba was gone, in order to seek Caesars approval to search for a dam which could power their city. Upon, rushing back to tell Caesar of this great potential threat of humans, Koba is furious to find out that that humans have been allowed back into the Apes territory, along with the human that shot an ape named Ash. Koba and Caesar  fight before Koba can tell Caesar, that the humans are preparing to for some type of war with all the weapons.

Koba, comes up with this genius plan, he goes back to the human camp to steal a gun so he can use it to shoot Caesar and tell the Apes that a human shot Caesar at night and that they should attack the humans. Kobas brilliant plan works. Koba, shoots Caesar at night time while some of those humans are in camp and he runs to tell the other Apes, that humans shot Caeser. Well, during the Ape attack on the humans, Koba gives a command to kill this human to another ape, this Ape refuses, Koba pats him on the back, then drags him by the head and throws him off the ledge showing the other apes who is the king of the hill. Kobe, then arrest all those who are loyal to Caser and like humans. Koba is an example of supreme intelligence, military strategy and brilliance. He removes a weak leader with a brilliant plot. He then consolidates power through force (Mao style) and he units the Apes, around their Ape identity. Koba is the ultimate Ape Nationalist and Freedom Fighter. The only thing that Koba does not tolerate is softness for enemies, he considers that WEAKNESS.

Its a movie, a European movie, somehow this imbuka Caesar survives and topples the great Koba. The final scene of the movie is very telling of the mind of a imbuka. Caesar, in talking to the “GOOD HUMAN” (WHITE), says this ” Ape start war, Human will not forgive”. Caesar, blames his own people for the war. The humans created the experimental drug, the humans abused the apes giving them a reason to never trust them and the humans were trying to recolonize the world. Caesar, blames Koba and his people for starting a war that was caused by the humans (Whites). This of course is how the warped mind of the European is even in his movies and how he plants this false consciousness in others (mostly Black Christians). The writers actual ignore the history of the Apes and manipulates Caesar into this self hating, self loathing ape who has a soft spot in his heart for humans. Koba was punished in the movie for: 1. Never forgiving humans 2. Loyalty to his own kind and Caesar is made a hero for 1. Forgiving the Europeans 2. Seeing the good in all people.

I would recommend ACBN watch this film and then speak to a Negro/Imbuka about the film. An intelligent African person will love Koba. An imbuka will call Koba an evil man. I think for those who follow this blog this movie will illustrate the type of personality we need in order to gain ACBN liberation.

Sala Kahle!