Russia don’t need you to save them, Negro


by Gaspar Yanga Aug 7, 2014

Russia vs. USA/EU is a great opportunity for African people, but  not fighting on either side is the opportunity. John Henrike Clarke, said that Russia and the USA/EU, have G-8 summits that divide up the control of the world and not one African has ever been invited. I do enjoy many of the things that Putin says, I also think its potential for ACBN to create economic relationships with Russia that is benefit for both parties. Russia has weapons and other things we could buy and reengineer and make them better, they have rocket technology and other things we need. They also have a decent market where African produced goods by African owned manufactures can send their goods.

The solution to African problems is within Africa. Pan African Economics with Global trade relations. MovingAfrica2Freedom, for some reason seems to want to keep Diaspora Africans out of Africa but wants to have a relationship with Russia, North Korea and China. He has stated that he views mulattoes (50% White/White Parent) as part of the African Family, yet he also stats that Denzel Washingon, Angela Basset and other African people are not African. He promotes the use of DNA test in order to say that if someone is not “100% African”  they are not Black.

The EFF is  a group with a Marxist/Lenin orientation, mulattos throughout the leadership and White folks financing it.  White Europeans who happen to be born South Africa hate African people in the diaspora because of their knowledge of the black power  movement and many diaspora Africans believing Africa should be 100% Black African controlled. South Africa is 80% Black, I need someone to explain to me the need for White people in EFF is a  strategy?

Dr. Chinweizu. Dr. Bobby E Wright, Dr. John Henrike Clakre and Dr. Amos N Wilson, are scholars who are all African and have an African centered view, Marxs and Lenin were Europeans they understood European society. Why isn’t the EFF using the ideology of Chinweizu, Wright, Wilson, Clakre ? I am sure that MovingAfrica2Freedom would call Wright, Clarke and Wilson, racially mixed which is utter non sense, but yet excuse having a European ideology for the EFF.

You have thousands of African America, African Caribbean ex-military who can help Africans train, you have Africans in Africa who are former military that can help you to train. Yet you run your ass to Russia, North Korea and China? I could see using them for weapons, military technology but you are willingly saying Africa is with Russia and willing to take up arm for Russia? The question is is Russia willing to take up arms and strike the USA/EU for you? Which they wont.

It is important for African people to have biological integrity but I have a funny feeling in my stomach that White people are behind many of these youtube channels with these militant integrationalist. These people have a few themes, the want to keep the African Diaspora out of Africa, they are constantly running to non African people for some type of “help” vs. trade relationship and their ideology has contradictions that not healthy.

The EFF will fail, these clowns who want to take up arms with Russia are brainless. The EFF seems to be agitating the system for some love from Europeans and token gains. Look at the EFF dressed with in European styled barrets looking like clowns. This group is not about African Liberation nor is it about being liberated from Europeans. I believe that the EFF has major financing from White  people. In the Book of Garvey, its a sin to have your organization take White funding. In the Book of Wilson, its a sin to have a Eurocentric Philosophy. ACBN, will have many conflicts with backwards full of shit Africans on the continent who want to keep the African diaspora out of Africa. But I remember as JHC said, a well trained boy scout troop could take over most Black African countries. That really sticks out in my head. We as African need a purge of our own, because many of these reactionary fools are dangerous to the continent and races lifespan. Mulattoes are not apart of the African family!  Those who have the traits of being African, with Africans who are authentic African people are Black Africans! The EFF and the ANC are two groups of brain dead Africans fighting for the best seats on the titanic. They simply want to be the ones selling out Africa!

Sala Kahle!