Western Stooges in Africa: Owakhaphela i Revolution African?



by Gaspar Yanga 

August 8 2014


Who is Alassane Ouattara? 


Selected Biographies

1) First release of the biography of Mr. Ouattara as Wikipedia.
Ouattara was born on 1 January 1942, is descended on the paternal side, Muslim leaders from Burkina Faso, then part of the Kingdom of Kong (AKA the Empire Wattara (Ouattara)). Ouattara is himself a Muslim. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in 1965 at Drexel Institute of Technology, now known as Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ouattara then obtained both the Master in Economics in 1967 and a doctorate in economics in 1972 at the University of Pennsylvania. In 1991, married to Dominique Ouattara Nouvian, a French businesswoman, born Jewish but later converted to Catholicism. The wedding ceremony was held in the town hall of the prestigious 16th Arrondissement of Paris. Some argue that the marriage ceremony was officiated by the French President Nicolas Sarkozy during his tenure as Mayor of Neuilly. Career in financial institutions. He was an economist with the International Monetary Fund in Washington, DC from 1968 to 1973 and later he was the Head of Mission to the BCEAO in Paris from 1973 to 1975. BCEAO, he was Special Adviser to the Governor and Director Searches from February 1975 to December 1982 and Vice Governor from January 1983 to October 1984 from November 1984 to October 1988, he was the Director of the Africa Department of the IMF in May 1987, he became the Advisor to the CEO of IMF. On 28 October 1988 he was appointed Governor of the BCEAO and he was sworn December 22 1988 Ouattara has a reputation as a worker, very focused on transparency and good governance.

2) Second version of the biography of Mr. Ouattara according to CNN.
Alassane Dramane Ouattara was born on 1 January 1942 Dimbokro, Cote D’Ivoire. He received his primary course in Cote d’Ivoire and completed his secondary course in Upper Volta, now known as Burkina Faso. He flew to the United States where he obtained a Bachelor of Elementary Mathematics at Drexel Institute of Technology, followed by a Masters and a PhD in economics from University of Pennsylvania from 1972 In April 1968, Ouattara made ​​his entrance to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and in 1973, occupies a position at the BCEAO then became Deputy Governor in 1982, two (2) years later, Ouattara returned to the post of IMF Africa Director Abdoulaye Fadiga and succeeded in the head of the sub-regional institution.

3) The third version of the biography of Mr. Ouattara according to his official website.

Alassane Ouattara was born on 1 January 1942, Dimbokro (in central Côte d’Ivoire), fire Dramane Ouattara and Ouattara Haja Nabintou born Cissé .Of Ivorian nationality, he is married and has four (4) children. He attended elementary school in Côte d’Ivoire, Upper Volta and secondary, current Burkina Faso. He graduated brilliantly in 1962 with a Bachelor Series Elementary Mathematics, and has an American scholarship to continue his studies in the United States. Joined successively Drexel Institute of Technology, and the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, he obtained in 1967 a Master in Economics. With this scroll, he joined the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in April 1968 as Economist. Eager for knowledge, Alassane Ouattara studying to obtain, in May 1972, a State Doctorate in Economics (Ph.D. in Economics). In 1973, he joined the Central Bank of the States of West Africa (BCEAO) then to Paris. In 1982, he became Vice-Governor. It is then aged 40. In November 1984, he returned to the IMF to hold the position of Director for Africa. In October 1988, he succeeded Abdoulaye Fadiga at the head of the sub-regional institution reserved only for national Ivorian post. Alassane Ouattara is, at this time, aged 46. In April 1990, while the Ivory Coast has been shaken by an unprecedented crisis, President Felix Houphouet-Boigny called at his side, first as Chairman of the Interministerial Committee for Programme Coordinating Stabilization and Economic recovery, then Prime Minister, Head of Government, November 7 1990 This is the first time since 1960, when the accession of President Felix Houphouet-Boigny in power, a position of Prime Minister, Head of government is established in Côte d’Ivoire.

4) version of the biography of Mr. Ouattara, an excerpt from Daniel Schwartz
(CBC News Posted: May 21, 2011 12:05 AM ET Last Updated: May 21, 2011 24:01 AM ET). Ouattara obtained his Bachelor of Science at the Institute of Technology at Drexel and then enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania where he received a Master’s degree in 1967 and PhD in 1972 in economics. He married an American, Barbara Jean Davis in 1966, 34 years later, the government presented a marriage certificate as proof that he was not Ivorian. The certificate was a fake, a successful attempt to remove the name of Ouattara from the list of candidates Election 2000 fake certificate mentioned Ouattara as Burkina Faso and motherless.Opponents argued that Nabintou (Cissé) Ouattara was not his parent. She underwent a DNA test along with Ouattara and his brothers. The tests confirmed the relationship.


Westerners always like to paint African Presidents as rouge dictators. But, are there any truly an African “dictators” in Africa? Every African nation is an imitation of the European Governments. There is not one truly African Government in the world. Many, if not most, African leaders are put in office by the force of Western backed money and aide, along with a proxy African guerrilla Armies of people who are so desperate for a money they will do anything. The majority of Black Africans are not in either class. The majority of Black Africans are in prison being held by African jailers who work for Western and Asian interest against the best interest of African people. And that is also true for Africans in the diaspora. Haiti, Jamaica and Congressional Black Caucus (Many white and mulattoes in this) work to serve Western Neo Liberal policy which destroy their peoples. 

ACBN’s, must begin to analyze every African nation, every African people today in 2014 to begin to formulate our plans of how we will confront this mess we are in. We have a great task ahead of us as Africans. We have enemies on ever side: European, Asian, African and Hispanic/Latino. We must begin to come up with a strategy of how we will liberate ourselves and those of our people who are worthy to be ACBN. I do not want to save all African people, I want to only save those who are committed and loyal to the biological survival of the African phenotype. 



Uyosibonisa, We uyokhululwa, Long Live umcintiswano Afrika!