Amos N Wilson
Amos N Wilson

by Gaspar Yanga


In recent blogs, I have proven that Harvey S. Firestone, used Marcus Garvey idea for a Rubber Plantation in Liberia, which was given to him by the traitorous mulatto WEB Dubois. I also produce an example of how a Chinese Manufacture, is also living out the dream of Marcus Garvey, by producing shoes and shipping them to the USA Markets.

When I say, we as African people have produced some of the brilliant minds, I am not saying this to stroke our egos. When dealing with the ignorant negro masses, brilliant African minds are rebuffed by African people, simply because they are black. Any dimwitted White person (ie Alex Jones, Tim Wise, William Cooper) can tell African people in America a crock of bullshit and African people will follow it faithfully. Any third rate Eurocentric mind will have instant respect to all African people over an genius African.

Dr. Claude Anderson, has stolen most of his work for the ideals of the late great Dr. Amos N. Wilson. Dr. Claude Anderson, has created a integration plan vs. the Black nationalistic exclusive plan, of Dr. Amos N. Wilson, by allowing “Good White People” into the creation of a Black market!

Many of the ideals in Dr. Amos N Wilson’s book The Blue Print for Black Power, are being used by non African nations. Dr. Amos N Wilson, researched and developed his book prior to its release in 1998. Wilson in his book speaks on many of the reforms that Valdimir Putin has done in Russia which has made Russia, one of the major economic players in the world. Many of the things Putin has done was also done by Garvey.

List of Putin Reforms:

A central concept in Putin’s economic thinking was the creation of so-called National champions, vertically integrated companies in strategic sectors that are expected not only to seek profit, but also to “advance the interests of the nation”. Examples of such companies include Gazprom, Rosneft and United Aircraft Corporation.

Negro Factories Corporation was one of the ventures of Marcus Garvey‘s UNIA-ACL, a black nationalist and pan-Africanist organization.The Negro Factories Corporation sought to, “build and operate factories in the big industrial centers of the United States, Central America, the West Indies and Africa to manufacture every marketable commodity.

Under Putin as President and Premier, most of the world’s largest automotive companies opened plants in Russia, which Putin encouraged via tax incentives, as well as protectionist measures which discouraged imports.

Amos N. Wilson, sought to protect the Black Market of 125th in Harlem.

In a similar fashion, Putin created the United Shipbuilding Corporation in 2007, which led to the recovery of shipbuilding in Russia.

The Black Star Line was a shipping line incorporated by Marcus Garvey, organizer of the Universal Negro Improvement Association(UNIA). The shipping line was supposed to facilitate the transportation of goods and eventually African Americans throughout the African global economy.

Putin sought to increase Russia’s share of the European energy market by building submerged gas pipelines bypassingUkraine and other countries which were often seen as non-reliable transit partners by Russia, especially following Russia-Ukraine gas disputes of the late 2000s (decade). Russia also undermined the rival pipeline project Nabucco by buying theTurkmen gas and redirecting it into Russian pipeline

In 1920, Garvey launched the Liberian Construction Loan program to raise two million dollars, for the UNIA settlement in Liberia and a sizable loan to the Government of Liberia. The loan was intended as an alternative to a five million dollar loan being offered to the Liberians by the United States Government.


African people have created men, that if they had a loyal group of Africans could have freed those who WANT TO BE FREE. In studying international business affairs around the world, it makes me sick to see that Asians and Europeans can get more cooperation with their people in their plans than we can, with ours. African people are more loyal to the Western European Social Order that has marginalized them, than they are to being free. Marcus Garvey is despised by many African people, yet his same plans and ideals are being implemented around the world by non Africans. There is not one African scholar, who is bringing this FACT UP. There are many academic hacks who try to falsify history in order to destroy the impact of what Garvey represented because of their want to keeping African people on the European plantation. Marcus Garvey did not fail, African people failed Marcus Garvey. Dr. Amos N. Wilson, was not a failure, it was African people who failed themselves by not listening to someone who had a vested interest in their survival.

I am a person who is under 35 years old. When I look around the world and I see men in their 50s and 60s, who are regurgitating Adam Smith, Keysian Economics and Marxism, it shows the lack of intelligence African people truly have. How can you study economics and not recognize the hypocrisy and lies in what you are being taught. African scholars have not created an ideology or an economic plan that deals with the realities to correct the impact of slavery and colonialzation.

The Chinese told the West, that they would not be punished for the West having a head start. The so called leaders of Black people, allow Whites to get away with having a unfair advantage, using the same rhetoric as Whites to justify the current world order. Black men calling themselves Marxist, Liberals and Conservatives, are brain dead Africans. The ignore their history, yet they quote Adam Smith, they seek to be Rhodes Scholars but have yet to produce a study on how Smith and Rhodes had an negative impact of the Economy of Africa, nor have the produced a plan to correct it.

Russia leader Putin, does not distance himself from Russia’s past, he does not punish the Russia people for being victims of past events that have an impact on today. Putin has pride in who he is, he does’t allow himself nor his nation to work against their own self interest. I can’t deny that Putin is an enigma, and a powerful personality. What bothers me is how we as African people, we reject that same personality in our own people as being radical! It is amazing how African people will throw their noses up at Garvey, Wilson or a Clarke, but then praise a imitation of them in Putin. Garvey, Wilson and Clarke, predate Putin. Their ideals are identical to his but we cant find value in Wilson, Garvey or Clarkes ideals until they are in being espoused by a friggin Russian!

The difference between Putin and Garvey/Wilson is not intelligence,its the fact that Putin has a nation behind him. Russia has a population of 150 million. You have almost 1 billion Africans globally, yet some idiotic negro on youtube thinks the key to their freedom is Russia. It seems that Russia is valued because they are non African by African people on the continent. African people don’t see the fight being in Zimbabwe, where Africans are actually redistributing wealth, they rather fight for Putin!

There is a deep and serious intellectual and emotional disconnect in Africa people. Amos N. Wilson says, for us to be in the condition we our in as African people, we have to be plum out of our minds. JHC, often says we allow 3rd rate people to sale us back, something we already had to begin with. I know see that African people globally are intellectually European. To see no groups of Africans talking about Garvey, Wilson or Clarke, but rather Putin, Marxs or some other fool shows that African people only accept 3rd rate people who are Europeans. This is very tough fight we ACBN’s are in and dont forget it!



Sala Kahle, Kuze ngokuzayo!