Barack Insane Obama

by Gaspar Yanga

August 12, 2014 ( ACBN VIEW) Many people claim that Barack Obama, exposed the racism in American society. A society that for most of its existence, White racism towards Black people was legalized by the illegal set up White Criminal Justice System in America.  Many of these daft people are claiming that Barack Obama’s true colors are being shown. All these empty rhetoric espoused by African people, exposed them. It shows their lack of commitment to African Liberation, lack of intellectual development and shows how much control European people have over their emotions.

I am not a supporter nor a fan of Barack Obama. I analyzed and saw through this guy around 2 months after he announced he would become President. I knew he would win before the votes were even cast. Not because I found he was brilliant or a great speaker, I just truly believed that Barack Obama made sense for the American US Military, needing to rebrand itself after 9/11 and the Bush years, which created much anti Western sentiment around the globe. The West, needed a game change a new face a more softer approach to promoting Western European Hegemony over the non Europeans. The best way to do this is to take a person who looks similar to most of the world which is non European. (COMMON SENSE)

What does it say about people whom claim to be African Centered or about “African Liberation”, when all the Europeans have to do is pick some mulatto, put billions behind him in marketing and put him in a servant position and all of certain your rhetoric changes. I can’t tell you how funny it was to see Runko Rashidi, this guy who claims to be African Centered claim ” The President was in a difficult position”. “The President”, “Our Country”, “Brother, President”.

African men should be committed to the overthrow of European and Asian power over their lives. There is not a single powerful Black male ruled nation the world. There is not ONE! There is not ACBN Hegemony which has any serious influence over the world. ACBN’s, our philosophy must be committed to the creation of an AFRICAN NATION-STATE in which Africans have SELF DETERMINATION. And to my Negro and IMA enemies, I am not talking about that Liberian non sense which was controlled by Europeans and imbuka.

No matter what European people do, what they say, how “good” the want to project themselves, our goal is to never have Europeans ruling over us in any capacity. That must be the clear cut focus. Our focus should not be, to be African Centered Patriots to US Hegemony, because they give a few NEGROES and MULATTOES a token position. That shows how irresponsible you are an a person who claims to be African centered.

Barack Obama, I personally view Barack Obama as a IMA. I believe that if one of your parents are White, especially your mum, you are White too. I believe that White people come in all different shades and colors. And that there are some IMA people who are just as dark as Wesley Snipes. Yes, I am trolling on purpose to show you how idiotic the one drop rule is when applied to Africans. But you get the picture.

Deep down inside, no matter what Europeans have done, they have convinced you that its not their fault about slavery and colonialism. These current generation of European is not looking after the best interest of African people. Their objective is to make us adjust. A 22 year old ima, could infiltrate a group of Africans in their 40s, having them buy into this rhetoric that Whites are promoting to protect their ill gotten gains and to legitimize their illegal power. African people seem to have some sort of intellectual problem analyzing that. This current generation of IMA, is rehabbing the image of the European colonizers, murders and rapist, in order to get African people to look at IMA Power and Hegemony over our lives forever as legitimate. IMA, want African people forever seeking European validation and positions with the European group. One generation of IMA after another seeks to control, dominate and destroy Africans.

African people, are denying the facts because Europeans say so. This is how underdeveloped intellectually we are. An IMA who inherits a drug dealing empire, is benefiting from the destruction of other people, even if the IMA did not directly do it. In America today, if you buy a stolen lap top, you are guilty of receiving stolen property according to IMA law. The IMA  are so arrogant they insult you in your face and they know you get scared and you buy into these self defeating ideologies based upon your love of God and your emotional weakness for the emotional appeals of Europeans/IMAs.

Barack Obama never hid who he was, you simply chose to ignore it because deep down inside, many of you do not want to be free of Europeans because you love them. You want to let these people get away with all types of crimes against Africans and join them in committing crimes against other. You will bomb Iraqis, killed Koreans and kill Vietnamese. But the people who have margialized you from 1619 to the present you want to defend, protect and honor them. If our ancestors had did to IMA ancestors, what they had done to ours, we would be paying for it NOW! European people espouse things to Africans than they themselves would not follow. I wish African people would understand this.

The fact that many people are crying over Obama and his sycophantic wife is pathetic. Then the brain dead who still follow this guy are TRIATORS. Pure and simply, these people will harm you for the Western Hegemony. They dont care what IMA do to African children, African men, African women or the Continent. We have imbuka all around us, stop acting like we don’t. We have to be realistic about the reality but also unified as ACBN if we are going to defeat our enemies and liberate ourselves and make sure the African group is in a position to defend itself.

Lets grow up people!

Sala Khale!