The Lack of Military Industrial Develop in Africa and the Diaspora

Russia and USA Hegemony

The foolishness or Martin Luther King Jr and Ghandi is shown everyday. The negative impact of Eurocentric Religion and Ideologies turning men into passive non violent boys in service of European domination. 


Negroes will speak about “black on black” crime, they will talk about the gross underdevelopment in the African American community. Negroes which are 99.9% of the African American community are brainwashed and created by Europeans to maintain European order among their own people. The African American personality is a false one, ACBN must create a new brain and personality in our people.

Russia and the USA, are exporting billions of weapons and arms around the world. We as black men should not be wanting to “get jobs” or “assimilate” with either of these people but as MEN, we should be looking to develop our own. This chart is another example of how far African people have to go to gain the respect they seek.