The European Nation within America Dominates

executive producer


by Gaspar Yanga


  • 85% of the United States Congress is European
  • 70% of the Obama Administration is European
  • House Hold Wealth by Race: European $113,149 African $5,677
  • The Top 15 Richest Americans list: 100% European
  • In 2001, 90% of the NEA’s teachers were white, up from 88% in 1971.
  • 90% of fireman in NYC are White males 
  • LA, 50% White firemen

Racism in the America is not a permanent condition. Europeans are every socioeconomic class and special interest group are recruiting African people to defend them once they are to be found guilty of racist charges. White, Latino, Asian and Mulattoes dominate the United States. The United States of America disproportionately used African labour to build the United States of America. Since 1619, every African American children is born with a debt over their head. A debt that was created not because of hip hop music, black on black crime or low test scores. The debt was created by White racism on every level of society and those Black assimilationist who wanted to protect their crumbs the Europeans paid them. ACBN, we must give a detailed account of the current state of African affairs.