ACBN Review of Article: The Path to War



by Gaspar Yanga


August 14, 2014 (ACBN World View) This will be a review of an article I am reading which gives an insight to Western European Hegemony which dominates all African people. I will give a highlighted section then I will give me analysis on how it compares to ACBN’s. I will do this from time to time to honor the late great Dr. Amos N. Wilson. Dr. Wilson in many of his speeches and lectures would read articles from around the world and draw brilliant parallels and relate them to the African tradition. 


“No oil-rich country that has tried to move away from the dollar in the past twenty years has managed to do so without being attacked by the US, suffering a regime change, or being ruined by sanctions. In some cases, all three.” (Martentson)


Three actions taken by the West: 1. Regime Change 2. Sanctions or 3. Full Scale Attack. This is what IMA people do when they can no longer control you. You see this everyday in society. Look at the lunacy of Mia Love, Larry Elder, Al Sharpton and Michelle Obama. Look at how these imbuka are cowardly puppets for the Western left and right. This is not to scare anyone but in the USA when you do not assimilate to Western European American Hegemony, yo will face economic sanctions. Shirley Sherrod ( a negro) was fired from her job, after an edited tape of her came out, discussing racism. She actually speaking some integrationalist non sense and lost her job. We all remember when Amos N Wilson spoke about how mixed raced General Colin Powell was used as a “person of color” to push regime change in Grenada. The IMA people have no stopped their aggression in wanting to dominate the world! 


“The Russian government signed a decree on Thursday which bans the import of beef, pork, poultry, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, cheese, milk, and dairy products [for one year] from the EU, US, Australia, Canada, and Norway.”


ACBN’s look at the group of Europeans that Russia banned from their market. US/EU, Australia, Canada and Norway. What is the relationships of these nations? Why did Russia single out these nations? 


“ries try to balance their economic dependence on Russia with their desire topunish president Vladimir Putin for meddling in Ukraine, Germany has stepped ahead of the pack to poke the bear in the eye, canceling a €123 million ($165 million) defense deal with Moscow earlier this week.”

Look at the millions of dollars of resources that Europeans trade among each other. If an African Nation had its shit together it could maybe have went into a deal with Russia to fund it for them.


” And most in the West might agree with that assessment because the western press is virtually unanimous in its failure to cover the actual humanitarian crisis that ishappening over there right now.”


Western media is covering up actual problems. This not a shock here. ACBN should read news from the major developed nations then research to find the accuracy of each thing that is reported in the news.


“Heck, the US invaded an entire country 7,000 miles away under the pretext that Iraqmight have WMD’s that could someday, possibly, be used against American interests. And Iraq never once openly threatened the US.”


This shows you how dangerous the position that African people are in. Amos N Wilson, said how can you rest at night knowing the power of these people? Knowing that you could be wiped out and have no defense. Dr. Chinwezu has also made bold declarations about African people future if we don’t formulate some type of power in the next 46 years. African people are so trusting of these Europeans, That these Europeans would not allow genocide to take place. Sure they would and they already have the justification… Black on Black Crime! They will use this European created social symptoms to justify our genocide and the “Good” White people will condone it because they have a “Black” friend.


Hambani Kahle!