The Anti-African Personality in the 21st Century

King Zumbi
King Zumbi of Brazil

by Gaspar Yanga

Anti-African people, are people who are regardless of race, wants to keep African people under the control of non-African people, with the ultimate goal being the extermination, domination and subordination of African people. This Anti-African personality is a direct result of European/Arab colonization of the world. This personality operates as a self-fulfilling prophecy to control the behavior, actions and thoughts, of African people to maintain confusion, disorganization and lack of confidence that African people have in themselves. The goal is to keep African people in a constant state of self loathing so they can never overthrow their oppressors.

Many people have a vested interested in the continued domination of African people. Many race’s and groups use African people as a buffer zone from the assaults of the ever aggressive Western European Hegemonic Racial Group. These groups are: Jews, Latinos, Liberal Asians, Liberal Whites, Gays and Black assimilationist. Any serious Black organization must prohibit these people from being members of their organizations because they have a bias view and their own agendas in which they will try to convince African people are more important that what they deem as “petty black/white issues”

The AAP(Anti-African Personality) have a deep rooted hate for African people based upon Western European/Arab Hegemony which has demonized and assaulted the character of African people, culture, religion and sciences. The Western Europeans/Arabs have intellectualized their hate for African people into an science and an art form which is practiced by millions globally.

AAP’s want African people to remain a large, docile, non competitive group which suffers silently in self blame and self destruction. We live in a competitive world and because of the power differential and the lack of African institutions to punish people who harm Africans, we are an easy target for people, because we are a stark contrast in comparison to the groups I claimed, to the White Hegemony Male Dominated World Order we live under. 

AAP’s love to teach in black school districts, have sexual relationships with African people, join African organizations with the sole purpose of changing the direction of African people and eliminating strong African’s who are non compromising and seek justice, reparations and revenge for African people. The strong African male and female are enemies and targets of the AAP. 

The African woman must be seen a loud, angry, aggressive b***h. Her imagine is assaulted through mass media, urban music and weak males of their own ethnic group. The African female is subject to racist social engineering which makes many anti African, self loathing and self hating. African males begin to blame African females for this. While, we can never excuse imbuka behavior by African females, we must also understand that we must build and create the societies in which African women can behave in an African manner. African women are behaving towards the White male created society of the West and Neo Colonial Africa.

The African man must be see as lazy, violent, incompetent and a dangerous to “civilized people” to the point that when he is gunned down it is seen as doing the world a favor. The other image of the African male must be of a silly, sports playing, rapping and dancing, entertaining for European people. Non-threating, agreeable and nothing like “other” African people. 

AAP’s are people who often use the following rhetoric: ” Africa was not a utopia” , “We are our own worse enemies”, ” I know a poor White person”. These people wish you harm. They actually have the nerve to come to African people and begin to try to manipulate Africans out of their reality into Eurocentric Fantasy. Their goal is to take away you focus and have you fighting abstractions suchs as: Class, Capitalism, Poverty, Womens Rights and even Gay Rights.

What is sad and tragic is 3rd rate people have the nerve to use such childish arguments to control African people, and you actually have morons who buy into these slogans and repeat them. All it takes is some: Pseudo Intelligent Negro/Mulatto, Latina, Jew, White Protestant, Gay or some other non ACBN ideology to pull African people into a state of being neutralized and thus a fence straddler. 

Once of the most insulting tactics that is used against African people is this “poor white” non sense. What these people are saying that if a White person is poor, you are a Black what right do you have to live better than a White person (ie God). And Black people become brainwashed by this non sense and forget the racism they face in employment, education and finance on a daily basis. They allow for White people and the White group to abuse them and pray on the and they let these people off the hook for the 10% White population that White people sacarifice to maintain control over African people. ACBN’s must break down the ideology of the AAP’s and show this ideology for the utter foolishness it is and maintain the focus to being African Liberation.

You have 3 people in a family, one rich, one poor and one middle class. The rich one robs you and the middle class one ties you up, because the poor one stayed at home are you going to forgive the family based upon one member of the family staying at home? You aren’t going to seek getting back what is rightfully yours because ONE Member of a family is hard on their luck? That is WHITE PEOPLES arrogant and condescending defense of them robbing African people and destroying us. I am mad at us for falling for such an insult!

AAP like to use what I called suggestive manipulation, a tactic that is often used by the police to get innocent people to admit to things they did not do. AAP like to ask these leading questions and phrases in order to control and make “African people see right” which is not to see reality at all but fall into the social engineered relationships that are sprouting up. 

African people send their children to school with teachers whom will punish them for having a world view that is within the best interest of African people. African children globally are all in educational systems and structures that help maintain European dominance. African people must bare direct responsibility for not properly educating their children at home with the realities of what it is to be African. Most African parents are brain dead Africans who have a slave or colonial mentality and are completely dependent upon Europeans/Arabs/Asians for employment and guidance. These EAAs(Europeans/Asians/Arabs) who are consulting African people will bare no responsibility for the failures of the African community but will rather place the blame where it belongs on African adults who then place that burden upon African children and young adults. 

AAP is is a person who wants to maintain the one drop rule, they want to hold onto Eurocentric/Arabic religious ideologies that place the hear after about the future generations of their species on this Earth. They have put the future of the African race into the hands of Jesus and Allah out of being cowards and or dimwitted. These people want to bring other Africans down to their level, they want you to adopt these idiotic ideals created by Europeans. They will insult your intelligence with no impunity but show the greatest amount of respect for a White racist, Arab Muslim or a White Christian. They will be bold, arrogant and condescending when it comes to African ideals yet willingly a patriotically promote European ideals that harm the African species survival based upon ” we use the White peoples internet” so “We should use the one drop rule”. We are are dealing with overgrown ignorant Children, who will get you and themselves killed in the future. 

AAP are nearly 100% ideologically in bed with the European ideologies and justifications of European domination. These people ignore the genocide of Native Americans, the Race War we are in and use European defenses for these. These people have no serious historical knowledge or understand they simply repeat the same few catch phrases that White society uses in order to justify their continued dominance and illegal hold upon the lions share of resources and wealth. 

AAP, purposely distorts history, reality and facts in order to try and get African people to go against their own best interest. This is the sociopath mentality of the Anti-African Perosnality that exist. These people come around African people to disrupt, disorganize and to monitor what African people are saying, doing and thinking in order to come up with the necessary counter measures. Never allow anyone to fool you of the political time of day it is. Being niave about politics and people intentions is not a honorable trait.

Many African people quote John Henrike Clarke when talking about the “strength” of African people in accepting non-Africans. I consider it a weakness and something that has been exploited and will continue to be exploited until African people get their house in order. I am sure that if our ancestors paid close enough attention the Europeans gave warning signs that they were going to eventually colonize all of the African continent. Those signs were not picked up obviously. 

The war for the African Mind is a battle that African people are losing. Many Africans are too far gone to even waste time on trying to help them. The best thing for a large number of African people is racial assimilation with non Africans. We do not need any traitors or those disloyal to us among us. We must recognize the types of personalities that exist in this universe. The Anti-African Personality, is just a reality of this world. We cant allow ourselves to get caught into this Eurocentric view of progress as Amos N. Wilson says, it didn’t work out too well for the Iroqios. People will do to you what you let them and what they have the capability to do to you in relationship with your lack of having the necessary tool to stop them. Europeans had the maxium and Africans had spears. This world in many cases is as simple as rock, paper, scissors. African people have such a hard time coming to grips with this because of the negative impacts of Eurocentric religion.

There should be an organization which clearly defines Anti-Africanism and Anti-African rhetoric because if it goes unchecked our people will continue to internalize it and destroy themselves.Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are filled with Anti-African Blacks and Whites. 

The Anti-African Personality and Facebook. If you are a African Centered person, you will get adds from mulattoes and people with half breed children who want to check you out. Its almost as if its some type of cover psychological game to make you give up. I like to check peoples profiles before I accept an add, not to say this is a 100% fool proof method but I can look at photos and get a general feeling. I remember this damn near mulatto asking for an add. I check her profile out and she has a video of some quasi Black Movement, and its a Black woman dancing with some White kid with down syndrome at what is suppose to be an African centered movement. I could not believe this person would actually add me. This is the type of Anti-African behavior that is very sneaky.

You also have a growing number of American Negroes, who want to draw far away from Africa into Asia and Europe. These people are so damn ignorant its just crazy. You cant rationale with them or get into a serious discussion because their sole purpose is to simply argue and try to move people further away from Africa. I mean very very ignorant people who look African. I mean its amazing to see someone play with their lives like that. I remember Garvey saying the negro just goes about his life dancing, singing and playing, as if the his future is already secured. 

This is why ACBN must develop sound ACBN organizations and institutions and develop psychological means to punish those who go against our well being. We must develop an intelligence agency. This is very vital. I noticed that man Eastern Europeans and East Asians have these mechanisms. We have to created an leadership that is uncompromising, African and extremely intelligent and have the ability to sanctions those who work against the best interest of the group. We need to develop the necessary countermeasures against anti African people. These people get like the NOI and Sa Neters they get away with murder. This has to stop. 

Salani Kahle!