Who can be an ACBN?



by Gaspar Yanga 


People who follow this blog, ACBN is for Afrkans. Afrikans are people who have two Afrikan parents, closely resemble the people of what is modern day Uganda. Mulattoes/Mixed Breeds will not be apart of the organizations. ACBN will have a 100% Afrikan leadership in order to destroy European social engineer which destroys the minds of Africans be having European people in the group! The best way I can do this is to use photos. 


African Howard

Dwight Howrard: Afrikan, brown skin/african textured hair


Angela Davis: non African

black woman

Naurti Naughting: African

tiger woods

Tiger Woods: Not African






robert nkemdiche

Robert Nkemdiche: African






lenn kratiz

Lenny Kravtiz: not African


Not African



Not African


Mobutu African

Mugabe the Great

Mugabe Africa

Now look at the last four photos, you have 4 people who have dark skin but two are African and two are not African. You must have a combination of brown skin, African textured hair and share common ancestry with the indigenous Black African people to the extent that you share the same TRAITS and physically look like them in skin complexion brown, hair texture African coiled. ACBN, has this definition of African. We are not going to get into these Negus/Naga non sense or trying to claim all these other straight haired albinos. We are speaking of the biological survival of Sub Sahara African peoples. These people are people who live in African and those who are the diaspora who maintain the traits of being an African! If you believe the people in Australia, East India etc etc are African, then ACBN is not for you. If you think the Vietcong, Cambodians and all these other groups are African this is not for you. This a damn shame I have to explain this crap. ACBN: for AFRIKAN people who resemble closely a certain blood stock. Huey P Newton, Angela Davis, and Yaa Baruti are not African people, they dont have African beauty. ENOUGH WITH THE NON SENSE. 


Salani Kahle! 

P.S.: African names, speaking isiZulu are also mandatory. Spouse or mate must also be African! ACBN considers it an insult to have Whites, Mulattoes/Mixedraced, Latinos etc etc in any Black/African “brown” organization. Traditional African Beauty standards, language, name and spirituality is the foundation of ACBN. If you can’t accept this then go join the NAACP.