by Gaspar Yanga


When I write articles, I like to have a photo with my articles. I googled “black woman and black child”, the results were mulattoes and White women with black children. This article is about what I call the most non-violent revolutionary act a African man/woman can do in the 21st century is to produce a child that resembles our African ancestors. I go to find a photo of my race on “Google”, only to see the black woman has been replaced by Mariah Carey, Paula Patton and Tracy Ellis Ross. This is not by mistake. Europeans and brain dead Africans want to eliminate the African genome.

The European female is slowly but surely replacing the African female as the mother of the African race, and the European male is replacing the African male as the father of the African race. The Genocide of African people is already sit in motion and is an active going plan.

I was on facebook, which is a very sick program. I was looking through random profiles of Negroes (male and female) with their European spouses and these children who look nothing like African people. And it is totally disgusting to see African women, saying “THANK GOD, WE ARE BLESSED” when they have a mulatto grandchild that looks totally European. I have seen this on several of these photos from around the country. “THANK GOD, WE ARE SO BLESED”, “THEY ARE SO HANDSOME”, African women who believe it is an act of God to have IMA grandchildren. These newer mulattoes are even more White looking than the Slavery/Jim Crow era mulattoes and they are hideous.

These arrogant IMA women with these condescending smirks on their face’s as if they are improving the African stock. These children ( get mad if you want to) are hideous looking children. These children look like genetic freaks. You can get mad and say you shouldn’t speak on children or that you are no different than the European. I frankly could give a damn. These children are hideous and these are the children the IMA’s want to replace the African child with.

These mentally ill Negro males are just glowing with joy that they have an offspring that resemble Europeans. This is flat out sick and disgusting. Mwaliku K Baruti is another one, he just glows with his little mulatto grandchildren. This is anti-African and a disgrace to our ancestors. I have no problems with mixed raced couples or mixed race people. I am saying this though, ACNB couples should not set play dates with African children and mulatto children, ACBN couples should avoid mixed raced couples. These couples promote the degradation of African children. African people who fawn over these mulattoes as they are gifts from “God” are self hating backwards imbuka that should be shunned. I dont give a damn if they are your grandmother. This is revolution. Revolution breaks up families. If you arent willing to do that, stay the “F” off my page. I don’t have the time or energy for this non sense.

ACBN’s men/women must select mates that will produce African children who closely resemble our ancient African ancestors. ACBN men you especially when you see these mulattoes and these Negroes females who fawn over these mulattoes, this should lite a fire in your bellies to wanting to produce an African child.

This is about our manhood, legacy and the biological survival of African people. We must begin to amp up our writings about who is African and who is not African. We must begin to shun people, and sanction people. We must fight for our children and our race. As ACBN men who should want to leave a legacy behind that resembles our African ancestors not IMA people.

My ideal legacy is a pair of sons. All the work, sweat and tears I put in this life I want to leave whatever is left behind to sons and grandsons who look like this:



This is how I want my descendants to look for the next 4.5 billion years. This is a conspiracy to destroy these children and to keep them marginalized. The ACBN Ideology is about protecting the self esteem, well being and the genetic make up of children who look like the photo above. This child to me is the epitome of Black handsomeness. This is the child we should consider it a blessing from God to have. This child is me. This child is my future. 

Only evil and wicked people would want to replace this young African boy with this:


To see Negroes and so called Negro elders fawn over IMA and Mulatto women is sickening. This child above is not an African. He is not us. But clearly there are some wicked and evil heart African men/women who would claim this child is one of us or this woman. The African man/woman who produce an African children must be very firm in protecting our children. Black children will not take a backseat to hybrids and mulattoes, simply because Whites and Asians don’t accept them.

Harry Belafonte, Julian Bond, and Bayard Rustin are not African. They are not African men. They did not represent African people. They are simply 3 wicked mulattoes who want to assimilate within the White racist structure. ACBN we must understand there is an ARMY of Negroes/Mulattoes who sit on social medial networks monitoring Blacks promoting the one drop rule and this mongrelization of the African race. These people are evil and wicked and want to destroy our children and our race. 

Amos Magazine is not a place for this Kemetian bullshit that is being promoted in the United States of America. Egypt is a prime example of African failure and how mongrelization destroys Africa people. (Destruction of Black Civilization). I am really starting to question this obsession with Egypt. I notice that Asheri Kwesi a mulatto is like the leader of this movement. I dont really see any real impace of Kwesi work. I am not impressed with it. I don’t see the value in it at all. If you have an Egypt mentality, to me that means you have a mixed race ideology and the only reason you really value Egypt is because of the Eurocentric features you assume Egyptians have based upon that King Tut Golden Head which is “F” ing famous. You American Negroes only want to identify with Egypt/Ethiopia because you favore non African genetics and should be honest about it. Stop playing games.


Anyone in a union that will not produce a child that resembles an African child  or does not currently have children that look like that and calls yourself African centered is a phony and a fake. You are just a disgruntled integrationist. ACBN we must be in relationships that produce African children or we are wasting our time and might as well assimilate with the larger White majority which means we will become White racist and kill Africans in the future.


Ingane Afrika ikuasasa lethu!