Why are people trying to destroy African people?

King Zumbi

by Gaspar Yanga

Why are there so many people in the United States, who want to make sure Africans never find their way home? I have sincerely asked African people from around the country why are they promoting lies. There are people who are proclaiming that Black people in America came from Israel, when there was no Israel to be found during the period in which African slaves began to be shipped to the Americans for slavery. There is no mention of an Israel anywhere in the world. Many, have proclaimed that the ndiIgbo were the Israelites, becaue some Igbo make this claim, when these people are making this claim based upon their contact with White Christian missionaries. They use this as an fact. There are another group of American Blacks who are justifying Islam in West Africa, because some Africans adopted the religion. The religion is still not African and it is still an Anti-African religion, because it places Arab culture, languages and names above indigenous African names. I have a hard time understanding why African people want to remain this ignorant. Then you have Christians who are also lying proclaiming that Christianity is not a European religion. 


Arabization or Arabisation (Arabic: تعريبtaʻrīb) describes a growing cultural influence on a non-Arab area that gradually changes into one that speaks Arabic and/or incorporates Arab culture and Arab identity. It was most prominently achieved during the 7th century Arabian Muslim conquests which spread the Arabic language, culture, and—having been carried out by Arabian Muslims as opposed to Arab Christians or Arabic-speaking Jews—the religion of Islam to the lands they conquered.

Those Africans who adopted Islam, eventually became victimized by the religion they adopted. All over Africa today, you have Black Africans who are warring over Christianity and Islam. Why would someone call themselves Black, then join a religion which promotes Arabization? Why would you replace African culture, languages and names with Arabic ones? Because some African King was foolish enough to believe a lie, you want to maintain that lie? 


The Black populations in America came from various groups in West Africa. There was no Israelite group among Black Africans. When you say that the Igbo are the Israelites, you are contradicting yourself. Because, why would they name themselves two ethnicites? Igbo and Israelite? They would have simply been Israelites. People are now saying it was not Black Africans who were enslaved in America but it was Israelites. Why are people promoting these lies up and then going to the bible using selected verses to claim that Blacks are the people the bible is talking about? When that book is speaking of events that took place in Rome. Rome was a nation that used slaves. But for some reason these people ignore that and claim it was not talking about the slaves of Rome but the slaves of America. 


This religion promotes European names. Robert, John, Luke. Why do we believe in this story? Why? This is not the religion of indigenous Black Africans. This was a story that was created in Europe by Europeans. Why is it that Black people proclaim that this is the religion of God? This is also a anti Black religion which promotes Eurocentric ways. Do you believe White people would give you a good religion that would benefit you in the afterword, while they give you hell in this one?

African Culture

When you destroy African culture, you destroy African people. When you look at the religions I have named they make African names, stories, culture and spirituality take a back seat to something that was created by the conquerers of African people. Why are Africans adopting Arabic names? European names? Calling themselves Ben YaIsrael a hebrew/yiddsh name? Why are people who came from the Yoruba, Akan, Ewe, and the Igbo people, why are so many Blacks not trying to reconnected with West/Central Africa but are going to Egypt, Ethiopia or Israel. Why are African people intellectually stuck in these ideologies. Why are you claiming to be Black African. but you also want to espouse hate for Black Africans, cause confusion and maintain ideologies, religions and other non sense that keeps African people away from their true culture? Even with these Egyptian name. Why?

The Africans who were on those slave ships were not Israelites, Arabs, Moors, or any other group like that. Wouldn’t it show respect to your ancestors to find out their true identity and culture? Why are Black people in America believing in and promoting this crap? Why are their so many anti African people who want to tell Black Africans they are not African or they are Israelite. Understand, I have no problem with a Black person wanting to be anything of those things, but why are you trying to insult my intelligence and make me this non sense as well.? If you are a Moor, Arab, Israelite or Egyptian why cant you just say I am, why does it have to be “WE”. Why are people getting out of lying and misleading people? Why are people trying so hard to go after the minds of Africans and pull them away from the Africa cultures, communities they belong to?

African Culture is the most important thing that is need to move Africans back to our rightful place. Now, I know the Nelly Fuller Jr school of thought will say, you are wrong you had that Culture and you became slaves. But, I would have to disagree. Because the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese were also dominated by Euroepans and they used technological advancement with a rebirth of their native cultures to overcome it. African people will need that same combo in order to overthrow European Hegemony and rebuild an African super power. The Japanese Meiji, murdered the Japanese Christians but they would not submit to Japanese authority. Black Muslims, Black Christians and Black Israelites, have the same problem. The make childish arguments that make no sense. The purposely confuse the issue and you can’t even reason with the, they are so irrationale. 

Mansa Musa did not built a great empire because of islam, he built a great empire because he had massive amounts of Gold in his empire. The same can be said for other African peoples. Why African people want to be so ignorant does not make sense to me. So many African people do not want to be African and will make UP an excuse not to be African. You have people who continue to say Blacks in America are Israelites. I mean continue to repeat this over and over again and they have to know they are lying. Its almost as if they are begging someone to hurt them physically. Same thing with Black muslims in America. They make these idiotic arguments that dont make sense but they stick to them. How is it that Arabs can sell African people on thier ideals? I have notice Black Muslims, use this term, ” Islam is for everyone”. I often ask these people is your Islam for Whites as well? They will say yes. I find that very interesting. Because, that means that a Black Muslim, would have more brotherhood with a White muslims than an African practicing Voodoo. The same with the Black Christians. The Black Israelites, see more in Cuban, Puerto Ricans and Native AMeircans than they do Black Africans. *** All of these ideologies exclude African people based upon them being Africa. The Christians, Muslims and the Israelites. 

I would like the people who follow this blog, to give me their opinions on these groups and give me some type of insight of your dealings with these people. How will ACBN, counter these groups who are actively going after the minds of Africans to pull them further away from Africa. We has ACBNs must recognize that we are in a war for the minds of our people. We also must recognize we will not convince everyone or even try to save everyone. But we need to have a defense of why these schools of thoughts are wrong, why younger Africans should not follow them and why the people who join these groups are anti African. This is quick blog to open a discussion up about these 3 schools of thought which are actually working to maintain Africans in bondage!

Salani Kahle!