Why Black Unity does not include all Black people!



Ernest Withers



“I always liked him because he was a good photographer. And he was always [around],” he said. “I don’t think Dr King would have minded him making a little money on the side.” Andrew Young


“He had been harassed, beaten, shot at. He was a victim,” he told the Commercial Appeal. “At that time, when you are the only black on the scene, you’re in an intimidating state.”

They above statements shows the complete lack of intelligent by many people who claim to be black!





Al Sharpton

While it was known that Sharpton had spied for the FBI on music- and sports-promotion figures, the new data said he also extracted juicy information from wiseguys.


“It’s crazy. If I provided all the information they claimed I provided, I should be given a ticker-tape parade,” said Sharpton, 59, who now regularly rubs elbows with Obama and his wife, Michelle, Attorney General Eric Holder, congressmen and other national leaders.

What does it say about the Character of African people who want to follow these people and play dumb? 


This is not simple divide and conquer, its imbuka agents of European Hegemony.