What is my vision of ACBN African Peoples: ACBN Restoration


by Gaspar Yanga


My vision for ACBN people is something I analyze in my head daily. People often ask African men, what do you really want? When there is a discussion going on about the global affairs of African people. African people as of 5:38 am, 8/26.2014 are enslaved by European peoples. European people have the ability to sanction, cut off aid or even military decimate any group of Africans in the world. I say this not to discourage us, nor to say we couldn’t do some sorts of attacks on Europeans that could slow down their system. What I am saying is we live in a world where our lives are determined not based upon our true ability, talents and ambitions. Our live is determined by our relationship with a people who have manipulated the relationship to the point that we depend upon this group for our life sustaining institutions.

I don’t want race relations to get better. I dont want to be thankful I am not a slave. I don’t wan to let the past go. These are things that Europeans want so they can continue to rule over and dominate Africans with our consent. Most Africans fall for this manipulation. I want total and complete independence from Whites. I want truly African governments that have the power to sanctions and punish any group that wishes to harm ACBN Africans. ACBN Africans, should work to force the Black Assimilionaist into a position where they are completely shunned away from leadership positions over African people and are in a place where the Europeans will no longer need them because the majority of the African world is liberated. 

I want a African nation so strong where the USA can’t put sanctions on them. I want a African government so strong that if an European/Negro head of state of a European nation illegally invades an African nation, we can place them in jail and punish them. I want an ACBN Nation in which authentic looking African men, women and children and the standard of beauty and the one drop rule is destroyed. I want a strong and powerful ACBN group which commands a naval fleet powerful enough in which ACBN manufactured goods and products cant be stopped from going into any nation.

I want an ACBN reality in which there is no Black Liberals, Conservatives, Liberatians, Muslims, Christians or Humanist, but ever person is a ACBN, African Spirituality rooted, liberated and free ACBN African which takes respect from other groups because of fear of retaliation. I do not want Whites to have any power or control over ACBN Africans. Not as police officers, teachers, judges, minsters or anything else, I want to make the European only a group of consumers of ACBN businesses and coporations. I never ever ever want any kind of unity, brotherhood or relationship with Europeans other than of economic competitior and trade partner of terms which favor ACBN Nations.

I am clean and level headed in this. I do not want to be enslaved over or ruled by White men, half White men or a Black man who represents European interest. Europeans have many emotional appeals but the reality of the Europeans of the past, present and future is this, they want want to legitimize in the minds of Africans a unequal trade and power sharing relationship in which we accept being ruled by European Hegemony at the expense of our manhood and dignity. I am always going to be pessimistic about Europeans. I have a reason to be based upon the fact that on the North American mainland their is not a single African Government. You have the USA, Canada and Mexico, yet after 255 years of slavery and 100 years of Jim crow blacks have no Government. Ending racism is not about whether or not Whites own slaves, Whites are good people or their feelings. Ending racism and White Hegemony is about Black men and Black women being 100% independent of Whites when it comes to education, politics, trade, food supply and other life sustaining areas. This is what the ACBN people should be about and be able to articulate to Europeans, that we have a RIGHT to have self determination and we will sit down and expose you for trying to undermine us in any devious way. We need to be clam and cool about our want to be separated from these people. Europeans want to continue to promote European religion, languages and dominates, and use the justification of ” Its not our fault” yet maintain the imbalances, rule and authority and manipulate African people with slogans like ” White people aren’t born racist” “White children are being made to fell bad” (Alex Jones). These are not the points, these are the justification that Alex Jones is trying to sell people on. Whites want to justify the continues domination, control and manipulation of African people.

Contrary to what Republican and their Negro IMBUKA slaves say, these people do not want blacks to take responsibility in the truest form. They simply want to be able to write policies which effect our lives yet have us take the blame and destroy each other when these racist policies negatively impact us. They get away with it because we have not develop a large group of intelligent Blacks who are willing to buy the wolf ticket and demand our own nations and freedom. Liberia was and still is a European colony. Do not use this as an example, This is what White racist do. They rig the world in their favor and play innocent and stupid to discourage us. 

Europeans as Dr. Amos N Wilson says, have NO PLANS to every give up social control of Africans. We must begin to raise this questions and attack this Christian/Islamiic we are the world mentality that has take control over 75% of Africa minds. This is a very hand battle, we are losing this battle. But there is also hope because there are millions of Africans yet to be born, yet to be corrupted and many who see the error that our ancestors have made and want to vomit up the sickness of Europeaness and never return to it, because that is a foolish thing that only a dog does. We must attack European control over African people by the Public Schools, Police, Jobs Sector, Food Sector and Military Sectors, by stating that if slavery is over, and racism no longer exist we as Blacks need t have our own Constitution, Laws and Institutions, Even if they fail. We rather take the failure of Africans than whatever so called “improvements” European claim we dont have. We have every right to learn the skills we need to rule ourselves and tell Europeans to go home. Europeans do not want Africans to be free. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated but always have a vision for legitimate African ACBN Liberation.


Sala Kahle!