Voting without a solid ideology, economic power only empowers Racist White Democrats



by Gaspar Yanga


Voting is not a going to change the conditions of African people, but it will empower African people who are willing to sell out African people for European White Nationalist political parties. I am not against voting, I am not against being a registered voter, for I am a registered voter. I am telling African people that the Obama Adminstration and the racist Democratic Party has agents (dimwitted ones) who are promoting the same tired played out rhetoric of the 1960s. Understand ACBN peoples that everywhere you go from Facebook, Youtube, Paltalk, Instagam is filled with agents and simply anti African mixed raced people who want to see you at the bottom. People do not need a reason to want to hurt you, they will do it simply because they can. The anti-African personality (AAP) is one that is everywhere. They will always promote plans and strategies that waste your time, effort and your life. These people will appear to be for you but they are’t. These are people who have some type of connection to European people whether it is by marriage, parents, cousins or token Government positions they want to keep their crumbs and keep you dumb.

Here is a list of Black Democratic Crooks who will through us under the bus for a paycheck and are now in jail: ( Negroes will play racist White conspiracies for these crooks): Kwame Kilpatrick (Detriot), Shelia Dixon ( Baltimore), Eric Brewer (East Cleveland), Jesse Jackson jr ( Chicago). The black collective for the most part have no real political ideology. Being a Conservative, Liberal or “Registered Independent” will make you feel good because you are imitating White people but it will not improve the condititon of Blacks. I am not saying that ACBN should not have agents inside these groups who monitor these wicked low life Negroes but I am saying we need to spread the world to as many Africans as possible not to vote for Democrats. These Negroes who are making a living off of the misery of Blacks need to go. You need to stop being so damn stupid and falling for the fear tactics. Affirmative Action is a policy that has benefited a few token blacks whom as soon as they get these positions they turn on Blacks and will deny qualified blacks jobs. I am not a supporter of Affirmative Actions and I refuse to support a politician who doesn’t have an ACBN ideology and we need to spread this to the blacks in places like Ferguerson Missouri.


Many have blame the events in Missouri on the African population by saying they dont vote! Even when Africans vote, and their is a strong African man who is willing to do whats right, there is some Negro who always wants to protect the European. This is a problem when there is no ideology, when people are vetted. Lets look at the case.

On his first day on the job, the new sheriff called 27 employees into his office, stripped them of their badges, fired them, and had rooftop snipers stand guard as they were escorted out the door.


“It appears … that employees of the sheriff were terminated without cause” and in violation of the county’s civil-service rules, Judge Stephen Boswell wrote in granting a 30-day restraining order.


Hill, 39, defended the firings and said the new sheriff has the right to shake up the department in whatever way he feels necessary. He told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he fired the employees to “maintain the integrity of the department.”


Another of the newly elected black officials, Eldrin Bell, called the move illegal and filed for the restraining order granted by the judge. Bell is the new county commission chairman and former Atlanta police chief.

The racial composition of the city was 72.79% African American, 20.63% White, 0.21% Native American, 0.73% Asian, 0.31% Pacific Islander, 3.45% from other races, and 1.88% from two or more races.


This is a prime example of a NEGRO ASSIMILATIONIST DEMOCRAT, undermining a newly elected AFRICAN POLICE CHIEF. This African male had a right to fire whom he wanted, the mere fact that the people he fired happened to be mostly WHITE is his right. This is what ACBN is going to be up against and will have to deal with. Ferguerson, Missouri is now a place where Negro Assimilationist will go to do the bidding of European Democrats at the expense of a Black majority. We must root out, shun and socially sanction these Negroes who UNDERMINE BLACK AUTHORITY. 




In July, the council resolved to build up a section of the city devoted to African and black American literature, cuisine and art, which Mr. Kilpatrick endorsed. He vetoed the resolution, however, when it became clear that the council’s plan would allow only black businessmen and investors to use the $38 million earmarked for the project.


Mr. Kilpatrick argued that the resolution is both racist and unconstitutional.


“It’s not the African Town proposal. We like the idea,” said Howard Hughey, spokesman for Mr. Kilpatrick. “But what they are proposing is to create a publicly funded private entity and give one man $40 million to use and distribute to investors, and it is unconstitutional to do that based on race and [the resolution] says very clearly that it would be.”


The nine-member council — which has two white members — voted 7-2 to override Mr. Kilpatrick’s veto and passed the resolution. In addition, they resolved that Detroit is a “majority-minority” city that is underserved.


Council member Kay Everett, who is black, said the first resolution was “ridiculous” and opposed the African Town resolution for being illegal and divisive. (Mulatto)


“It is reverse racism, and you can’t right a wrong with another wrong. It’s reparations with public money,” she said. ( 80% Black City)


The city’s African-American Chamber of Commerce also opposes the bill, calling it unconstitutional, but has said it wouldn’t file a lawsuit.

“The resolutions speak to a real and critical issue that cannot be ignored — the economic disenfranchisement of African-Americans, who represent 80 percent of Detroit’s popu



  • 82.7% Black or African American

Here you have am 82% black city, that collects taxes from African in order to pay these Negroes. The mulatto who called it reverse racism, if Detroit had a 82.7% WHITE POPULATION.. more than likely should would not have been in office. I also must blame the native Black population for being so stupid to vote for her. A 82% Black city in which, Blacks are being economic explioted by Asians, Arabs and others who openly discriminate against Black business yet accuse Blacks of reverse racism and even has Black morons claiming that to distribute the wealth to BLACKS is WRONG? And that Blacks should simply accept the maldistribution of wealth and resources. Mulattoes are very good at this and so are Negroes. This type of politics. Atlanta which is 55% of Africans, the Africans will get 28% of of the wealth of the city in which they are 55% of the population. The same thing is going on in Detroit. The USA Government is spending billions in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistna and you have someone who collects a check from the City of Detroit telling Black people they can’t use Government funds to get caught up, but the Government can openly discriminate against them. This is the lunacy that is taking place. This is why African people should STOP VOTING these clowns in. Stop voting for a handful of Blacks can live good while the majority don’t. If these people are so hardworking and smart let them find alternative ways to earn an income.

ACBN’s must educate the youth on how not to be exploiting by Black Democrats. We must build up economies, build a ACBN Social Network and begin to organization and ACBN Federation of North America and ACBN Communities. We must created our own political ideology, political party and make sure mulattoes, Democrats and White apologist don’t disrupt and if they do………………….  you fill in the blank.  

These ignorant and incompetent Mulatto/Negro politicians are chosen to maintain the image that Africans need Europeans. These Black Democrats are willingly accomplices in the underdevelopment of African people in the America. Also, the self hating, self loathing brainless African who votes for these people knowing good and damn well what they are doing is also a traitor to the African race.



“Dozens of companies from China are putting down roots in Detroit, part of the country’s steady push into the American auto industry,” the New York Timesreported on May 12. “Chinese-owned companies are investing in American businesses and new vehicle technology, selling everything from seat belts to shock absorbers in retail stores, and hiring experienced engineers and designers in an effort to soak up the talent and expertise of domestic automakers and their suppliers,” the Times article continued. “While starting with batteries and auto parts, the spread of Chinese business is expected to result eventually in the sale of Chinese cars in the United States.


“Two wrong dont make a right”…… “Reverse racism”……. good luck in Chinese Detroit……See how you like racism with a yellow hue! All those unemployed and hungry young men and these Black Morons had 40 million earmarked. And you have BLACKS who are suing for racism! For taking Government Funds to build up blacks in a 82% Black City! When Detroit is 82% Chinese, remember this article. The Chinese will show you how to use US Tax Dollars to Benefit Chinese people, but African slave descendants using it is wrong. 



Sala Kahle!