The Foundations of ACBN Culture


By Gaspar Yanga



ACBN culture will be the best of the total inherited ideas, beliefs, values, and knowledge of Africans from time in memorial which will lead to constitute the shared African collective social actions. This will include the total range of activities and ideas of ACBN people with shared traditions, which will be transmitted by members of the ACBN Group!

ACBN civilization will be and advanced state of African society, in which we will create an advanced level of culture, science, and industry, which leads to the creation of a formal government. ACBN will refine the traditional culture of African to fit the modern world we live in, in the same manner that Thomas Sankara did in Burkino Faso.

ACBN is a moral imperative which protects Africans from the physical vices of other nations, which use these vices to enslave African people. Europeans have and currently use their women, men and manufactured items to control African people. As, Dr. Amos N. Wilson states when you can control someones taste you can manipulate them into going into slavery. The moral imperative of the ACBN must be one that reshapes African behavior, thoughts and ideals into a manner which is conducive to African people’s aim to overthrow European power in their lives.

ACBN imperative of speaking the isiZulu language is to connect African people back to their mother tongue/ethnicity. By speaking European languages we empowering our conquerors and maintaining their hegemony over our lives which they seek to always have control.

ACBN cultural celebrations will draw from the traditional festivals of our ancestors. I am making the follow suggestions:

1. Yam Festival (Homowo) – origins of this festival is West Africa. This is a traditional African festival which ACBN could adopt into the official ACBN Calender.

2. African New Year (Adae) – the origin of this festival in West Africa. 

3.King Shaka Day- Sept 24 every year the Celebration of a great African King!

ACBN could also create new festivals and holidays for our people that celebrations our ancestors, culture and our Africaness. This is vital for the ACBN group to have big fancy festive events in order to build into children a pride in being African.

There is much more to be added to the culture of ACBN. This is only a brief view and outlook of what the Culture needs to be created for and what it should do for African people. We also need to find new forms of music to make. Hip Hop has ran its course and now is pretty much gutter music but addicting because of the digital beats. We must find a better alternative.


Sala Kahle!