Professor Griff Gives a Childish Respond to Kushiteprince1


Greetings kushiteprince

First off its a coward that won’t show there face…..and present there facts and proof and stand by your claims or as in this case Mr SonOfAhset claims. you made a statement or asked a question….”I have no idea where Griff found this woman”. Well i didn’t find her, she was never lost. we met doing the work that most so-called Need-Grows like you and SonOfAhset can’t or are unwilling to do. Then you stated….”But all the color-struck negroes seem to salivate at her mere presence”. Obviously you must have been in our presence to know that. It’s very strange that so-called men act in the slick-snake like fashion. This talk of being African brings to mind the true manhood of an african man, real men would never hide behind a screen name and or an IP Address. you have agreed with the speaker and with that you claim i lost cool points……when did i ever have cool points with you? Mr Kushiteprince you claim….”We can not fall for this deception”. I would like to know how is ZaZa Ali deceiving you or anyone else for that matter. Kushiteprince, if you like a few other people i will address on this matter are bold enough to stand with this individual who won’t show is face or give his name why would take this serious?

Why don’t you return the books, you can bring them to:
Professor Griff
227 Peachtree st sw
Atlanta, Ga 30303

and as far as looking at me different you can see me anytime just call me 678.557.2919


ACBN, I recently wrote a blog about ZaZa Ali, in return, Professor Griff added me to his facebook page. He than begin to threaten to hack me, fight me  ( LOL) and called me White. Griff, used the racial slur the N word, he then told me that Black people use the N word. I simply promoted ACBN Blogs: Nubian Times, SonsofAset and Amos Magazine. Professor Griff is a person who promotes the one drop rule based upon some mixed raced people in Africa and slave rapes from the 1700s and 1800s. He wants to maintain the one drop thus further creating the mongrealization of the African race. Professor Griff, had no intelligence respond but gave his same empty physical threats.