The “Goodness” of Whites

by Amos N Wilson

You have murdered millions of persons; plundered, pillaged and ravaged thousands of hamlets, villages, towns, cities, states and nations. Now you seek to legitimize your criminality and perceive yourself as good and law-abiding. Your civility and civilization are like the rest of your lives, purchased through the death of others. It is easy to be “law-abiding” and “decent” when you write the law and define decency when you have the money to buy them. A true test of your ethicality would be to be good and law-abiding in the face of deliberately instigated poverty, degradation, powerlessness, hopelessness, insecurity, terror, pain and death. Until you have lived under such circumstance do you really know how “decent,” “law-abiding” and “good” you really are?

Yours is a goodness born of evil. Your goodness does the work of Evil – its father. It is Evil disguised as good hatred disguised as love. That is why your “charity” corrupts. Your “goodness” is the goodness born of not having to murder another in order to take his possessions but having to murder another in order to take his possessions but having your police you, you armies, mercenaries and puppet dictators  do it for you. In the name of “national interest” “self-defense,” “free enterprise,” “private property,” “fighting for democracy,” “restoring peace,” “maintaining the balance of power,” and hundreds o other hypnotic, self-deceptive words and phrases, you hid from yourselves the murder committed by your “patriotic” sons. With the diplomatic double-talk you deny that your armadas – standing and mercenary armies – your fortresses scattered hither and yond, your deadly missiles and star wars battle stations are but guns you hold to the collective temples of the world’s peoples while you rob them hand-over-fist. Your newspapers and books, your media, are your instruments of repression, repression through misrepresentation, omissions and lies painful reality of your truly murderous trek across the globe – permitting you to think yourself inherently good and your victims inherently evil. They reverse reality, stridently screaming in their headlines about the murder of one “innocent” White victim on the streets by some “burley Black man,” some “Black teen-age savages” gone “wilding,” while the rape, murder and plunder of the whole African continent and its people does not merit a whisper in the last page, last column. Of this your “goodness” is born. And for this reason your “goodness” shall be assaulted, your peace disturbed, and you shall see evil intent staring back at your through every non-White pair of eyes. That Black man you hate and fear is the Black man you made. You are being menaced by your own shadow.

pg. 166 and 167, Dr Amos N Wilson, Black on Black Violence: The Psychodynamics of Black Self – Annihilation In Service of White Domination