European (IMA) Racial Arrogance : Why I quit sports!


by Gaspar Yanga

As far as Michael’s situation, that was a bit of a different situation,” Reid continues. “However, I felt that as long as they go through the repentance process and do those things that are needed there, that in certain cases, they could — people should be given a second chance. That’s what America is. As long as they learn from the first situation.”

Andy Reid, the father of a convicted drug dealer and drug abuser, says that African-Americans should be given a “2nd” chance as long as they repent to their White masters. Meanwhile, drug addicts and drug dealers like his two rebel sons, are simply misguided kids who should be giving a lifetime to clean their acts up like Lindsay “Blow” Lohan and Robert “Snort” Downey Jr.

“I liked being the rich kid in that area and having my own high-status life,” Reid told a probation officer in a statement read by the judge. “I could go anywhere in the ‘hood. They all knew who I was. I enjoyed it. I liked being a drug dealer.” Garret Reid ( Andy Reids son) ( source)

From the cradle to the grave we as African men are children who are constantly bowing down to these European people, with them playing God with our lives. The few of us who have some sanity to left, and honestly its a struggle to keep mine at times living in this hypocritical fake society, must create economies. I am a man, I have at times been honorable to a fault turning away and down opportunities because of my pride and not allowing people to dehumanize me.

Being in American sports is nothing like slavery, it is what I would call high price indentured servitude. I would never insult the USA, Canadian, Caribbean, South American and Continental Africans who were enslaved with comparing their suffering to men who play a childs game but you have to be some sort of eunuch to be successful in sports. From Lebron James, going back to Cleveland like a slave, to these grown men having White people telling them how to raise their children. The same White people who would FORCE Africans to beat their children during the Jim Crow and Slave era in the United States. The type of hypocritical arrogance Andy Reid displayed would make it hard for me to play for a low life piece of trash like him. His own son, after showing a HISTORY of drug use, over dosed during an Eagles Camp, yet Reid was seen a victim.

An accidental heroin overdose killed Garrett Reid, the son of Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid, a coroner said

Reid was found dead in his dorm room early on Aug. 5 at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, where he was assisting the team’s strength and conditioning coach during training camp

How many chances did Garrett Reid get. Black men hate their African sons in America because Europeans do. I am not saying all African males but at least 40%. The African male personality is maladaptive to the pathological needs of the violent personality of the European American. LOL @ a grown man having to repent to White racist. I would advise Africans to steer their children to HBCU sports and to graduate school. I would not want my son growing up in the Anglo American Sports Culture. I loved sports more than anyone and it did teach me tons of racism but its not healthy. These athletes are well paid and control to manipulate the minds of the masses.

Sala Kahle!