Repay condescending arrogance with Inaction !


by Gaspar Yanga

” At the very point when you reach the highest offices in this land is going to be the very point your people are going to DIE by the thousands in the streets of this country. Therefore, you cannot identify your progress with the election of someone. You must keep your nose to the ground and see what the HELL is going on. That’s exactly the game they want you to play: to lift you up and chop you down at the same time. THIS IS THE AMERICAN CONTRADICTION! – Dr. Amos Wilson”

“Obama concluded with a simple message for the protestors,  “These are issues I’ve worked on for decades.  Now, that doesn’t mean I’m always going to satisfy the way you guys want these issues framed. I understand that. Which gives you the option of voting for somebody else. It gives you the option of running for office yourself.” – Barack Obama

The same man who condescending told an African male, he had the option of voting for somebody else, now that his White brothers and sisters might lost their precious positions in their government he wants “Pookie” to go vote for the same Democrats, who haven’t thought about Pookie the past 6 to 7 years. I encourage all African males and females in the USA, not to vote. But do as Amos N. Wilson said and figure out what the hell is going on!

I also want you to remember how snarky Obama was to the Black male in the audience, who asked him will he address our issues. Remember how Obama responded to Joe the Plumber who embarrassed him on TV.”But listen,” Obama said, shaking Wurzelbacher’s hand, “I respect what you do and I respect your question, and even if I don’t get your vote, I’m still gonna be working hard on your behalf, because small businesses are what creates jobs in this country and I want to encourage it.”



Sala Kahle!