What if an African-American gunned down an unarmed 18 year-old Italian American? The hypocrisy of and ignorance of Rudy Giulani

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By Gaspar Yanga

There are very few people who live in the United States of America, who have not seen an American Mafia movie. The African-American population in particular often imitate many of the characters from these movies,many of them being based on actual people and not simple  imaginary character’s created by a screenwriter. We often see African-American rappers with the name Gotti, which pays homage to Italian American John Gotti whom was called the Teflon Don, because like the police office whom gun downed Michael Brown, was able to get away with criminal acts as defined by the White American Criminal Justice system.

The bane of the African community is the exploitative White American community which projects a so-called civilized, fraternal, egalitarian, liberal face while concurrently seeking to maintain White supremacy(hegemony). This means that the White American community must maintain African subordination while not appearing to do so. It must cannibalistically sacrifice the vitality, autonomy, and if need be, the life of the African-American community while posing as its benefactor and savior. It please innocence while washing its hands of the blood of African people (Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown). The duplicitous task can only be accomplished by making it appear that the African community is dying of natural causes, not of an ingenious attempt on the part of the White American community to strangle ti to death.  Dr Amos N. Wilson, Black on Black Crime, Introduction pg 8

Rudy Giuliani, claimed that White police officers would not be killing unarmed African-Americans if, African-Americans were not killing themselves. He then purposely quoted a distorted racist view of crime statistics. If an African-American police officer shot an unarmed 17-year-old Italian, and  if African-American’s were to come out and say, well look at Goodfellas, these people kill themselves, I mean John Gotti wasn’t a fictional character. The Italian-American community and White controlled Black Civil Rights groups would pan those statements as racially insensitive and a disgusting stereotype equating all Italian-American as criminals and this would be correct.

Giuliani, in some ways called White police incompetent. If we were to look at crime statistics in the USA, we would find out that 70% of all crime in America are committed by White people. That the majority of violent crime in America is committed by White people. If White polices officers can’t stop their own community from being the leading race when it comes to Murder, Forcible Rape, Assault and Battery, they how can the possible police African-American people? Are White police officer incompetent at their job? Should we maybe hire more African-American people to police White-American communities?

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Unlike, Rudy Giuliani, I am intelligent enough to know that Sammy Gravano  is in no way represents all Italian-Americans. Just because Sammy Gravano killed his own people, does not give me the right as an African Man, to go out and kill an Italian-American unarmed child who poses no risk to my life. I know many Italians, I have never though to myself, oh, this guy must be a dangerous murderer because of John Gotti, Sammy Gravano or Sam Giacana? How uneducated and ignorant would I be. Are all White-Americans racist colonizers because George Washington lied and committed mass murder on the Iroquois who helped Washington win a tribal war with his fellow European people of French and Spanish descent? No. I do not think all Whites are racist colonizers who steal land and set up laws  and rules for the people they now dominate because of Cecil Rhodes, George Washington and Italian Christopher Columbus did this horrible things. I think when we begin to make generalization about certain elements in different groups we make ourselves to be knuckle dragging uneducated Neanderthals Cave men.

There are many righteously upset police officers and citizens of Missouri. Right now Missouri is a boiling pot of tensions and for Rudy Giuliani to make such a racially charged inflammatory statement about White police officers and African-Americans puts more tension in the air, thus making the job of police officers more dangerous. His comments were irresponsible, classless and show be widely panned by intelligent human beings. Being a former elected official Giuliani should have know better than to make such statements at this time. But, Giuliani did not care about the lives of those police officers, he cared about the international image of White-Americans which will be forever tainted by slavery, jim crow and the racial hate espouse openly by White-Americans during the Black Civil Rights Era. Giuliani, wanted to make a point to the world that African-Americans are irresponsible, dangerous and a threat to humanity and White-Americans are justified in killing any of them.

italian wanna be

African-Americans are no different from Italian-Americans. We do not condone the behavior of these wanna be mobsters in our community who walk around calling themselves the “Don”, “Gotti” or “Capone”. These misguided African-America youth who try to imitate Sammy Gravano by killing other young African-American gangsters is unacceptable. But their actions are not the actions of 99.99% of African-American people. There are 44 million African-Americans, according to FBI stats, around 14,000 will commit a murder, that is less than 1% of African-American people. For, Rudy Giuliani, to project an image that African-American people are just killing each other each day for no reason at all is absurd. There are African-Americans teachers, police officers, nurses and street vendors. Similar, to the street vendor that was choked to death by a NYC Police Officer. These people are not killing other African-Americans.

The African-American community is outraged because White police officers and White private citizens aren’t killing gun-toting Black criminals but unarmed black teenagers. I have a theory on why White people are rarely ever in the news of killing the real killers in the Black community but are often seen killing elderly old women and black teens. I am not saying it is because they are cowards looking for weak people to kill for the record. The African-American community is outrage because of the over 300 year history of White-American racial violence directed at them because of their African genetics. Giuliani, has a borderline sociopath racist personality, and I personally don’t believe people like him can be saved or are redeemable but Michael Brown surely at 18 years old could have done great things in this society.

African-Americans who live in Detroit, Chicago and NYC inherited ghettos’ from Irish, Italian, Polish and Jewish immigrants. These African-Americans fled up North not to get away from Black violence but White violence. African-Americans lost generational land and wealth because of the vicious animal behavior of White Southerners who’s racial attacks were seen as lawful by the USA Government. Dred-Scott said a Black man as no rights that a White man is bound to respect. And when it comes to the cause of Michael Brown it seems to be true. That is the real story. The African-American community will not be put on trial because of the incompetence of a White police officer who was seen on tape trying to pick up his shell casings or an 70-year-old Italian-American hypocrite.

Sala Khale!