Hypocritical African Centered Con Men


by Gaspar Yanga

You went lighter because you didn’t have the heart to go ligther-King Noble

I recently listened to a speech by King Noble, which brings into light some very valid points that ACBN must begin to further discuss and espouse to other Africans. He spoke about the mixed raced Professor Griff, who trolls around with this Mulatto-Arabist ZaZa Ali, yet condemns Africans for mating with Europeans, Asians and Latinos.

Larry Crawford (Baruti) is a man who is married to a near White woman, has near White child, and grandchildren who look nothing like the children he teaches. King Noble, said you can naturally bleach through mate selection. This is something that I have honestly never heard articulated like that but I 100% agree with.

I remember seeing a flyer, with Barauti and his near White wife, talking about African love, and here is a photo of a Brown man with this Beige or Waffle Colored wife. Being a person who has purchased and enjoyed many of his books, I remember in the back of my mind saying, she doesn’t look African at all but ignoring it never the less.

How can a man write a book like Eureason, which is about the traitorous behavior of African men who marry European women, when his wife is clearly a offspring of a similar union? That is mind blowing hypocrisy. Its as comical as ZaZa Ali, speaking down on interracial dating when her mother is White and she is a product of interracial mixing. This is absolutely mad! As, I am typing this I am laughing because I just realized how ridiculous some of these people are.

ACBN, we must set a standard that any man who proclaim to be ACBN must be with an AUTHENTIC African women who resembles the beauty of African women from time in memorial or as John Henrike Clarke said, “We might come in different shades, but we will unite under one shade and that is the blackest of the black”. Which I 100% fully agree with.

I was born of an authentic African womb and even as a child I would kinda cringe when I saw women who looked nothing like my mother call themselves African Queens. They did not represent true African Beauty, but viewed themselves more beautiful because of their dog like features they have: long nose, furry hair and thin lips.

How can you write books condemning interracial marriage and unions, but your spouse is near White? These are questions that Barauti will not answer and deflect using the classic slave rape line but its something that should be discussed more and more!

If you are going to be a leader of African people, your women needs to represent the best of African people and that is not some waffle colored person with dreadlocks.

Sala Kahle!