ACBN Satire: If it were the 1950s, Emmett Till would have been wrong !


by Gaspar Yanga


The White Hegemonic United States of America criminalization and demonization of African-American young men is not a new phenomenon. In the history of African-Americans even mere physical gestures have been defined as criminal and punishable by death by White society. Crimes such as reckless eyeballing, staring at a White female or “sassin”a White person have been justified by White people for the eventually murder of Black people. This practice took place for over 300 years and is apart of the White American psyche and culture.

It did not matter if the White person was rich, poor, middle class, Irish, Gay, Straight or Catholic. If a Black person was seen as offending any member of the White group he would be put to death. In most these cases it was not courts who decided the guilt of innocence of the Black male but it was lynch mobs who had the total support from the United States Government which is an extension of White society.

Trayvon Martin was stalked and eventually murdered for “looking suspicious. Michael Brown was murdered for “reckless walking”. And you have had two juries primarily of White people allow these men to get away free and have probably rewarded both.

If you were to analyze photos of lynchings, you would see in many a handful of what was called local Negroes of good will. These men of good will were the local Negroes that Whites used in order to control the Black masses and to justify murdering of Blacks in their minds.

If we were living in the 1950’s there is no doubt in my mine that people like Charles Barkley would justify the murder of Emmett Till, by saying he shouldn’t have whistled at a White woman, rather Emmett Till did it or not. People like he him represent an evil that has existed in the country from its inception.

Sala Khale!