Is North Korea the only “brutal” regime? 


by Gaspar Yanga

CNN, did one of its annual stories about how brutal and evil North Korea is. The irony of it was during the report about North Korea, the Director of the CIA said, he stood by the torture their agency did to people. We have become so desensitized to the hypocrisy and evil of European people that we don’t even notice it.

North Korea is under brutal economic sanctions which punishes the entire nation for their leader ruling in a manner in which the West does not like. Whites Nations have made themselves Gods, Judge and Jury over the entire world even though they have the worse Human Rights Record in the history of “mankind” (Europeans descend from non-human Neanderthal).

White Hegemony or Western Hegemony does not only affect African people it also affects Asians as well. Dr. Amos N. Wilson said the Law Abiding Negroes are the most dangerous people in the world, and I see now why he is correct. You have people who claim to be religious and believe in “God” yet they worship and obey the will of mere men,

The United States of America/ EU, does not face any sanctions from North Korea or any other nation. European people dominate the world politically, economically and people actually want to join their systems which aim to destroy all non-Whites who can’t protect themselves.

There is no equality in the world, only people seeking to have a place in a world that was built off violence and is maintained off the threat of White male militaristic aggression.

Sala Kahle!