Mixed Race and Mulattoes only value and respect White People: An analysis of White implemented Ideologies in service of White Hegemony

King Zumbi

By Gaspar Yanga

African-Centered Biological Nationalism is a philosophy for Africans who are about the biological survival of African people. ACBN’s do not want to see the African/Black image colonized and replaced by a European one. There are many Whites, Africans, Mulattoes and Mixed-Race people who are promoting the racist White-Ideology of the one drop rule while hypocritically pretending to speak out against White Hegemony while secretly having White family members and placing their feelings over the well-being of hundreds of millions of Africans. This blog will analyze the silly a self-defeatist ideals created by Whites and espoused by Mixed-breeds because a growing number of enlighten mulattoes are not proclaiming to be African/Black to those mulattos I respect you.

Mixed- raced people in one breath will say “you give White people too much power” than in the next breath they will say “you are African/Black” if White people see you or if people treat you as Black. The latter statement shows a willingness to accept and condone any actions by Whites, and a deep-rooted hate for the very people they claim to be. You can’t be Black and apart of a Black Nation when you respect the opinions and “laws” of non Africans. That mean’s you have no respect for African authority and a slave mentality in which you GIVE White Governments power to define Africans.

Jean Jacques Dessalines was once a “slave” under French Law and he overthrew that law which  was unAfrican. Gaspar Yanga an African King captured by the Portuguese did not respect their illegal laws and lived as a free maroon in Brazil. Harriet Tubman was an African woman who also rejected the criminal unlawful designation of “slaves”. The mighty Shona and Nbele people of Zimbabwe too were once enslaved illegally by Whites and fought to overthrow White rule and did. This shows the precedent of Africanls rejecting IMA Law. Mixed-Raced people who promote a racist law that devalues Blacks should be shunned and removed from African communities these people are loyal to White Laws, White Governments and not African Liberation.

Now, I will debunk the extremely weak and flawed logic of mulattoes and mixed raced people who proclaim to be Africans. One of the arguments these people use to justify devaluing Africans is that Huey P Newton, Malcolm X and Angela Davis fought for African people. Considering, I am an avid reader and researcher, I know that out of those people only Malcolm X fought for African people, the latter two were disgruntled integrationist with a Eurocentric ideology. And even Malcolm himself identified with an Arabist Religion. Now, let’s look at the Tuskegee Airmen. Let’s assume all of them were part White, did they not fight for White people? And since a great number of mulattoes righteously claimed their European heritage that means a great deal of IMAs are mixed as well. So are the Tuskegee Airmen who were violent in Germany but not violent in America for the freedom of Blacks? Are they not White as well?

Are racially mixed but majority African people who fight for Western Governments are they White? If all people are mixed that would include Whites as well? I know Mixed-Raced people won’t answer that. The only thing that matters is what White people say. And negroes say this with so much pride. I wonder do they tell their children, the only thing that matters is what White people say. Mixed-Race people view common sense as radical and racist White Ideologies as holy and true. The more I analyze, the more I see dimwit slaves. Whites are not Gods and their laws protect the criminality of the IMA collective. Not only do Mixed-Raced people proclaim mulattoes are Black they also say lower stock Europeans are Black too because they are ignorant. ” I know White people Blacker than you”. These people make me sick to my stomach with their vitriolic hate for Africans. And these low lives even call men who raped their Grandmother, their Grandfather’s.

If I stole your car and then gave it back to you, would you want to hug me or sock me? Mixed-Raced people like to proclaim that the Whites who enslaved you, “freed you” as if that should make you like White people. An intelligent person would be infuriated at such an obvious insult. We took your rights but we gave them back once it was no longer beneficial for us to openly oppress you. This is the type of insulting bullcrap that African people regurgitate and actually think they sound intelligent reciting. If Black man raped a White woman, do you think he’s going to jail or getting an invite to the family re-union?

Mixed people logic only applies to African people. A mixed person will claim to be a Muslim, English, Native American and out of those 4 titles guess which one they respect the least. They goal of mixed people is to replace oriniginal African people with people who are European. Mwaliwu Baruti does this. They search through photos looking for people who have European traits because that is what they value. Rumko Rashidi is a great example of this. Showing photos of non Africans and posting them as African. Afrocentrist scholars talk about Europeans painting themselves on the walls of Kemet but isn’t mixed raced people calling Vanessa Williams, Paula Patton and Barack Obama African the same thing? People want Africans to be replaced with European clones. Africans must wake up and accept the logic of ACBN or die from their emotional love for everything non African or perish.

As Kola Boof often says the White man gets Whiter and the Black man gets lighter. Mixed breed and mulattoes are promoting this anti African illogical non sense with the most childish and emotional based arguments. These mentacidal Africans want to kill the African race and replace it with a mongrelized group who will be easier for Europeans to manipulate because of family ties. The violence directed at Africans brains not only comes from IMAs but also their anti African mixed race brothers.

Then you have these evil wannabe Hebrews. Who claim you are you father’s seed. Let’s get this stupid non sense out of the way with what you have learned I’m Freshman Biology 101 I’m high school, a person is made up of a pair of 23 chromones, you get 23 from your mother and 23 from your father. The urterus holds the fetus which is created by an fertilized egg. You need an African egg and African sperm to create an African baby. You have people promoting trash because they think Africans are trash.

African people who do not wish to recreate African culture and wish simple for future generations of Africans to perish should assimilate and remove themselves from African people. Those of us who want to exist and not become a “person of color” but live as Black Africans lets build the ACBN social theory and recreate African culture and overthrow White power in our lives.



Sala Khale!