By Gaspar Yanga

The Anglo-Saxon  is in my opinion the most ruthless, evil and deceptive of the European Ethnic groups. Historically speaking the British mastered the War tactic which is called divide and conquer. Now, IMA Nationalist, David Duke is claiming that the Jews do this.

The Anglosphere has had a deep impact on the African world. The Anglo’s were the ones who monopolized the slave trade and dominated the European race for the colonial control of the USA and Africa.

During the Anglo-Ashanti Wars, the British user its Caribbean Regiment from Jamaica to defeat our mighty Yaa Asantewaa. And once the Anglo’s defeated the Ashanti, they made the Kings crawl in the mud and kiss their boots.

In, North America during the African and Biracial Civil Rights movements there were 1,000 bombs directed at Black churches. The Anglo and Scots Irish were responsible for all of them.

The Anglo Saxon whom many of us Africans today have their first names, last names, speak their language and worship their Protestant religion were conquered by these people with the assistance of the Ashkenazim Jews.

In Nigeria and Ghana there are more African women who see Elizabeth of Buckingham Palace as Queen than Yaa Asantewaa or Queen Amina. It was the Anglo Colonial Education System that brainwashed the greatest number of Africans.

Many lakes in Africa are named after “Queen Victoria” whom blessed and supported slavery and colonialism of Africans. Cecil Rhodes who was a homosexual Anglo would go to African Kings and deceive them and end up overthrowing and enslaving them. Anglo Saxon, George Washington would go into treaties with Native Americans and break them and end up overthrowing and enslaving them.

And who does David Duke blames for these crimes? The Ashkenazim Jews. The Anglo is incapable of feeling any kind of remorse and is a master of deception and lies. George W Bush, another Anglo told the world with his mulatto flunkie Colin Powell that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and who is to blame? Jews and the CIA.

I have noticed many Negroes using this term ” the American people don’t know “. Just like Peter Dirk Uhs claims he did not know apartheid was wrong. As if White people don’t know that they as a group terrorize people. These self hating pseudo Black Nationalist are nothing more than disgruntled integrationists.

Many integrationist who are loyal to their Anglo masters are now becoming Pan African in some of their rhetoric but also White Nationalist with a constant need to blame Jews, pretend White people are scared. I recently went to purchase a gun, and this was during the Mike Brown case. The IMA sales person made it a point to tell me that White police officers are afraid. Now this IMA clearly viewed me as naive and stupid. White cops are arrogant cowards who hide behind their badge and are looking for any excuse to kill. And yet this Scots Irish ( he has reddish hair) is trying to tell me the White man is simply afraid.

The Anglo’s use to have a saying Britannica, Britannica rules the waves the British will never be slaves. The US Marines flaunt that they are the best killing !machines in the world. And I yet you have fools who think these psychopaths are afraid so ” we need to be non threatening”. So we have been enslaved, colonized and marginalized because the poor little European is afraid?

I would like the feedback of my followers on this topic and also for African to be aware of this non sense.

Sala Khale!