As African men we are no longer the true controller’s of our destiny nor the destiny of our race. Traditionally, Africans were the complete rulers of African society. We decided how we would police ourselves, what language’s we would speak, what religion we chose to exercise, and we consulted with no one but ourselves.

Africans time after time have made the mistake of allowing non Africans advise us, often allowing non Africans to sow a seed between a leader and his people often leading to the leader and his people becoming slaves to opportunist we came to conquer. Europeans wrote for centuries that Africans were unintelligent, gullible, naive and child-like.

When we are youths our parents often warn us about the company we keep. We often respond with the very child-like phrase ” that’s my friend “. A very clever racist who often goes by the name vladtv, recently began to ask grown adult Black men about White people and Latinos calling the the n-word. And like little children one after another responded ” my White friends can call me that “. Yet these same so called men become teary eyed when speaking on words like faggot.

White men have power but no legitimate right to govern, police, rule or advise Black males or females. These paranoid parasites monitor African people always making sure we stay in line with them ideologically, economically and culturally. They make sure to place mulattoes or village idiots in positions of perceived power and we go along with this.

We as African males need to retake our manhood back from our erstwhile enemies and end once forever the childish state we are in. We are always on the defense and too reactionary. These are just some thoughts I have been having lately and needed to get back to writing.

Sala Khale!