By Gaspar Yanga

It never ceases to amaze me how much Africans willingly play an active role in their own oppression and subjugation. After another state sponsored murder of an African male in the city of Baltimore, intelligent African youth waged a patriotic and noble attack on the economic activity of non-Africans. The same Negroes who are so proud of Obama, the mulatto whom drones children and drops bombs on Third-World countries who don’t have an Air Force, began to condemn these African youths who begin to fight the system that has oppressed their people for the last 400 plus years.

What a sickening sight for me to see these idiot Negro males and females being human shields for the racist police, a mixed race fool mother attacking her son in public and some misguided child giving these racist police in Baltimore water. In front of the entire world the ignorance, cowardice and flat-out stupidity of African people was put on display for the world to see. The same Blacks, who are being discriminated against in employment, gunned down by police and talked down to by a mulatto President who built his career off their backs and coming to the defense of the White System more so than they did Freddie Gray. If police are about to kill you, Negroes will stand by, if Africans want to attack the police Negroes become human shields.

The magnum opus of the stupidity of African-Americans came when the racist United States of America government trotted some mulatto female out to charge these 6 police officers . This mulatto who has sworn to uphold White racism and who is on their payroll has these idiotic Negroes calling her a Queen, talking about its handled and other non sense. All you have to do is peddle some pale skinned person who has a little African blood and look at the African-American population forget who their enemy is. Colin Powell, Susan Rice, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Stephen Curry have all ushered in the future of the so-called “African-American” one in which White people mulatto offspring are the heroes, sheroes and rulers over a dimwitted people.

In the next coming weeks we will learn the difference between Charges vs. Conviction. African-Americans are a brain-dead group who will be extinct in the next 200 years. Continental Africans are headed towards this same fate. White people trot this Mulatto out and Negroes begin to rejoice and speak on how non violence works. How stupid can a group of people be. At this stage Blacks deserve to be enslaved. White racist lies have become a self-fulfilling prophecy. This smug Mulatto is not on your side, she was sent out as a litmus test, no different from Eric Holder who chose not to charge Darren Wilson or George Zimmerman at the behest of Barack Obama.

In order to defeat White Hegemony we are going to need intelligent Africans who are savvy, strategic and uncompromising. I am so sick and tired of these mulattoes, mixed breeds and other opportunist getting rich and making career off the stupidity, gullibility and naivety of Africans. We have no one but ourselves to blame for this kind of mind-blowing stupidity. Many of these Afrocentrics are nothing but mere disgruntled integrationist who are angry they are not accepted by Whites or were rejected by the White mainstream. All their scholarship is based in Europe, Asia  and America.

Mulattoes look at Africans as idiots. They believe all they have to do is play on our emotions to get us to accept them and trust them. A mulatto will never explain why what makes them “Black” does not make them “White”. Mulattoes know emotional appeals wont work with Whites and they know their existence is to serve White Hegemony and they never question it. These lazy ignorant mulattoes like Barack Obama and Eric Holder amaze me. These funny looking idiots have a made a living because they can halfway string together sentences. And because of their milky White skin and few drops of African blood the masses of African-Americans and Africans are mesmerized by these nasally speaking and stiff monkeys who ape men. The entire purpose of mulatto is to maintain a bridge for White domination over Africans. Dr. Francis Cress Welshing knows this, Louis Farrakhan knows this and we all know it but deep down inside we want to be ruled by Europeans. Because the majority of Africans have a sick destructive fetish for light skin and White people. And this fetish will be our doom.

Sala Kahle!