The Lumumba Afrika Report

In a recent radio interview on the COWS, a rabid female white supremacist discussed how she infiltrates “black communities” in the USA to gather intelligence about cultural and linguistic practices among Afrikans in America. She does this in order to disseminate this information to other white female terrorists in an effort to destroy the Afrikan genome and release confused mulattoes into the Afrikan population. The main objective of this is to foster confusion and disarray in an ongoing effort to continue the ideology and system of white hegemony (supremacy). This woman also claims to be a liberal who wants to fight “racism”.

Furthermore, she admitted that she is not found to be attractive by white men and has a dumpy, pear-shaped figure. Since high school, she has been raping Afrikan men who are afflicted with mentacide and who seek only the salve of a white woman (any white woman…

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