by Gaspar Yanga

No matter your faith system all African males will die. It doesn’t matter how much you pray, it doesn’t matter what God you believe in, our fates our sealed as soon as we are born. No one should rush their time, but also no one should live a live so safe as if its some magical place waiting on you once you die, as long as you live some moralistic life base on the Bible.

Western Europeans religions have put an illogical fear in African men of fighting their power and authority over our lives. We think if we obey and allow them and their institutions to misuse us that this God will “bless” us. You don’t know what your future holds. You can be stricken by disease, you can be killed in a plane or car wreck. I have had several friends who died in their 20s. Both, died from tragic medical reasons I will not discuss. They were in their 20s, fresh out of college and was stricken with rare terminal diseases.

The deceptive narrative of Black on Black crime is an excuse of African people as not to confront the IMA people using physical force. Blacks in the United States of America while making up only 13% of the national population, are 50% to 79% of the population of major USA cities such as:

Detroit: 84%, Baltimore: 65.1%,  Memphis 64.1%, Washington D.C.: 50%

These cities which became majority African – American as a result of two factors. 1. White American Violence towards African Americans during the Jim Crow Era 2. White Flight from the Government Enforced Integration Program.

Chiraq, the nickname for Chicago, has always been a riddle with organized crime since the days of Al Capone. These urban centers were just as violent and criminal when non- WASP ethnic groups such as European-Jews, Irish, Italian and Polish immigrants were forced into the Ghettos of America.

The US Government made an effort to decriminalize its new Ethnic immigrants. Giving poor Whites, free farm land, land grant colleges, low interest loans and the G.I. Bill. The US Government a White Hegemonic government made real efforts to end generational poverty for the majority of Whites.

When it came to the grandchildren of newly freed slaves, the USA Government had a vastly different approach. They supported and backed nationwide job discrimination. They allow for state sanction destruction of Black cities and towns and the magnum opus of the state sponsored terrorism against the African-American was the Reagan Administration involvement with  Crack-Cocaine.

The Black on Black criminal is a creation of the USA. No different than a so called radical Muslim. Further more Black gang members are largely murdering other Black gang members. Black on Black crime is a lie. What you have is to agents of the state engaging in a socio-politcal created acts of violence towards a person of the same ethnic make up.

Black people are not randomly killing other Black people. Black lawyers don’t wake up looking to kill Black doctors. Black college students aren’t going out looking to kill Black high school drop outs. African-Americans who have government jobs aren’t beefing with African-Americans who work in the private sector. Black gang members are gunning down other misguided, under educated and under employed Black males. And at times some innocents are killed as a result but its not done deliberately.

The context is deliberately left out by Whites and their Negro minions. When you look at the protest. African Americans aren’t protesting the police execution of some 35 year old hardened criminal. We know brothers who shouldn’t be messed with. We know the brothers who terrorize. And guess what? So do the police. That is why they are roaming free and the people who are being gunned down are: 7 year old unarmed Aiyanna, 17 year old unarmed Trayvon, and 32 year old unarmed Oscar Grant.

The POLICE even know who the mess with. A real African-American ruthless thug is not afraid of police and will shoot first and ask questions later.

We as African male globally from Toronto to Atlanta to Lagos to London are going to have to get our hands dirty in order to stop the Western European Psycho Political State Sponsored terrorism against our women and children.

White Governments and White Corporations aren’t discriminating against the pants sagging wannabe rapper, they are discriminating against the qualified African person. White police and White private citizens aren’t killing these hardened Black thugs, they are gunning down innocent African-Americans. White doctors and White nurses are allowing African-Americans to die, Planned Parenthood is destroying more Black Lives than anyone.

The European, the Western European has learned from his mistakes. He perfected his killing of the African image and the African body. We are going to die once brothers. So its time for us to take the justice out of their hands and put it in ours no matter the consequences. For the faith of all men is death.

Salani Khale!