by Gaspar Yanga

In my recent routine espionage on StormFront, an IMA expressed valid reason’s why he wasn’t voting for Donald Trump. The reasons for him not supporting Donald Trump were the following:

  1. He did not thing Donald Trump was genuine
  2. Trumps close relationship with the White Jew***
  3. He believes the Government is under Jewish Control no matter who wins.

“Some WNs need to get out of this mentality of “Well, I guess he’s good enough.” Stop being complacent with the crumbs that are being forced upon you by the Jews. Because, trust me, this guy is a part of the ZOG machine just as much as Obama, Hillary, Bush, et. al. And if he gets in office he’ll be selling whites down the river just as fast as his Democrat counterparts. Trump doesn’t believe in white power. He believes in green power! It’s all about the money for him.” ( WN is White Nationalist)

It seems the White Nationalist now have their own Obama. The White Nationalist our long lasting enemies are now being deceived by the Globalist Internationalist Whites. The middle-class/ working class White Nationalist is no longer happy with managing and controlling those colonized by the White race for as he put it “crumbs”

Until, Donald Trump is elected, I still have my money Jeb Bush with Ted Cruz running a close second. Donald Trump has ordinary White racist very exited and extremely optimistic but they highly intelligent White Nationalist seeks through through the facade of this man.

I share many of the same sentiments about this trust fund baby. Trump is appealing to a large voting block of Neo-Racist Angry Militant Whites who feel that Blacks, Mexicans and other non Whites are supplanting them from positions whom they believe they deserve.

“Sometimes white nationalism seems like an unrealistic pipe dream, that is like a dog chasing its tail. No person who is openly a white nationalist is electable as a president. Trump does not have to be a white nationalist for him to do positive things for our country. He has many good, even great ideas. If he plays well with jews, fine. He does not strike me as a zionist or fixated on israel, like other canidates. He is the best out of everyone in my opinion.”

Of course an IMA female discusses her frustration with the lack of progress of the lower tier White male.

Now the post that really caught my eyes was this quote:

“I don’t much care for Trump because he would only make white people go back to sleep. Our movement has always made progress with democrats in office. Trump would only keep the thing slowly dragging on.

When you look at the presidencies of Obama and Clinton African males were destroyed by both men through their economic and trade policies. I find it very interesting and worth researching do White racist do better when the Democrats are in office?

But as a whole people will support Trump. Trump has galvanized the White Supremacist not only in the USA but in other Western European Nations. White Nationalism is marching once again.


Salani Khale!