by Gaspar Yanga

Manipulation a Form of White Power

“Manipulation involves the attempt by the manipulator to elicit certain desired responses from his subject while concealing his efforts to do so. In this way the manipulator seeks to constrain, restrict, or prevent certain undesirable actions on the part of his subject and/or to subtly direct his subject to behave in certain desired ways outside his subject’s knowledge and awareness”

Since  the European has left Western Europe 500 years ago, the European RACE has been on a constant and nonstop quest for Power and Control of the non-European world. The Western European has set up several nations on the lands of other people:

  1. Canada (July 1, 1867)
  2. United States of America (July 4, 1776)
  3. Israel (May 14, 1948)
  4. Australia ( January 26, 1788)
  5. South Africa (May 31, 1961)
  6. Latina America (various nations)

The White race genetically only respects the power of other Whites. The White race believes that it can set up nations anywhere it feels like and the White population soon grows and they begin to transition into the White Hegemonic System of White Western European rule and Domination.

The Europeans whom we call: Canadians, Americans, Israeli, South African, Latin American are not anything but Europeans. They have deceived the world into thinking that their rule is legitimate. This RACE of people are born RACIST. Racism is the genetic and cultural way of the Western European race.

There is no secret 1% of Whites who are attacking Africans. White think tanks have created a new abstraction in order to justify and maintain White rule over non-Whites. You will hear the Right Wing White talk about the 1% that its not Whites its the 1%. The Left Wing Whites also make this claim. This is White manipulative power. They seek to distort and manipulate the ordinary African because we as a people do not THINK. We have grown so comfortable with Racist that it east for them to manipulate us.

Positions of Power in the Global White Racist Hegemony

After Europeans steal land from their victims and set up their criminal governments they create positions of power for ordinary Europeans. These positions are vital for Whites to maintain racist rule:

  1. Teachers
  2. Police Officers
  3. Managers of Small Business
  4. Managers of Large Corporations
  5. Ministers and Priest
  6. Intelligence Officers ( MI6, CIA, FBI and CSIS)
  7. Human Resource Managers
  8. Farmers
  9. Military Service Members
  10. Media
  11. Politicians ( Senators, Governors, Prime Ministers and Presidents)
  12. Business Oligarchs
  13. College Professors

As you will see, Native American, Black America, Native Africans, Native Australians, Native Canadians, Black Canadians, Native Palestinians our children, tax dollars go to a system which gives ordinary  Whites economic stability and allows Whites to form networks and secret societies in which the majority of those listed above will be Whites. And from these positions of Power the Whites are able to attack Blacks, Natives and other non-Whites that they choose.

White Teacher Power and Racism

White Power

Many Negroes often say, we will move on from the past and work to unify with Whites. This insane ideology is causing pain and suffering for many African children globally. Today, Black Children are being attacked by White racist teachers who want to pipeline them to prison. Those who aren’t prone to self-destruction criminal behavior are then blackballed from college scholarships and future employment opportunities. White teachers work very closely with the intelligence community.

In the 1990s, there was a renewed interest by younger African people in the life of Malcolm X. White teachers were very threatened and upset with African students in Canada, America and the UK who were wearing Malcolm X shirts and hats. Many White teachers are married to police officers, CSIS, MI6 and FBI agents. They called their local intelligence agencies in order to tell them the young African peoples are now embracing Malcolm X. The White Intelligence community responded with a book called ” The Reinvention of Malcolm X” a book that was allegedly written by Manning Marable, but was actually the brainchild of racist Wendy Wolfe. This book aimed to destroy Malcolm Xs character in the same fashion as William Styron. The original Confession of Nature was by  Thomas Gray but this White Homosexual decided to write this about Nat Tuner and had James Baldwin to cosign so they could call Nat Turner a homosexual.

Manning Marable: Wendy Wolf; William Styron:James Baldwin

Do you see the DNA of these White teachers and how the White  intellectuals operate? I doubt Wendy Wolf ever met William Styron but she knew how to attack the image of a Multi-Racial pro-African man like Malcolm X.

White teachers, White principals and the collective White community will attack certain Black students they deem to be a threat to White hegemony. White principals and White teachers will work with White students to harass and punish a Black subject they dislike.

Example: A White principal wants to send a Black child to jail. He will find some White students from his community to create a crime in the school and then have them blame the Black child. The students will  be the eye witness of the fabricate crime. The Black child and Black Parent would never think a White principal would do such a thing but this is their culture.

When you look at the White communities assault on Black Americans. Many will say Black people cant raise their children or Black children are unruly. But, if one were to look at the Dakotas, which have high % of Native American children, you will see the Native American children are being attacked in the same manner as Black Americans. If you go to the Pacific Northwest, then the Polynesian children are disciplined at the same rate. Go to Australia, then the Western European Whites attack the Natives in the same rate. Either, White Americans, White Canadians and Whites who live in Europe are having secret meetings teaching each other how to treat Black children badly or racism is genetic.

White Police Power

80% of White Americans live in communities that are 90% White or more. 70% of all crime in America are committed by Whites. White males are more likely to rape and commits violent acts thank Black males. Yet, you have White police officers in 80 to 90% Black communities killing unarmed Black teenagers and hanging Black women from jail cells.

Australia: White Police Power

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are massively overrepresented in the criminal justice system of Australia.

Aboriginal people represent only 3% of the total population, yet more than 28% of Australia’s prison population are Aboriginal


Thousands of miles away from the USA, Canada and Europe sits Australia. In Australia, you have provinces where 83% of those in prison by White police officers are Aboriginals or Blacks.

Business Oligarchs: Stealing Wealth for Black, Red and Brown

South Africa top 4:

  1. Johann Rupert ( mines)
  2. Nicky Oppenhiemer (mines)
  3. Christoffel Wiese (mines)
  4. Koos Beeker (mines)

Canada top 4:

  1. David Thomon ( media)
  2. Galen Weston (food)
  3. Arthur Irving (oil)
  4. Jim Pattison (racist media practices)

USA top 4:

  1. Bill Gates ( government oligarch)
  2. Warren Buffet  (government oligarch)
  3. Charles Koch ( crooked business deals)
  4. David Koch (corrupt thug)

As you see by the list above, these White individuals have made billions of dollars off of government connections with illegal White racist governments set up on non European land. Non of these thugs come from European royalty. These are White racist who were allowed to manipulate the White economic system that took land from the Natives and used African labour to enrich themselves.

Farmers: How Whites Destroyed Black and Red Farmers

In  the nations of Apache, Ndebele Land, and First Canadians Land the Whites mass murdered the cattle of these people. They took away their ability to feed themselves. The Whites passed several laws to give land to poor uneducated Whites globally:

.to attract immigrants and raise revenue, even the limited African reserves that had been set aside at imperial insistence were a subject of constant contention. The crucial legislation was the Land Apportionment Act of 1930, which barred African landownership outside the reserves

The Indian Removal Act was passed by Congress on May 28, 1830, during the presidency of Andrew Jackson. The law authorized the president to negotiate with southern Indian tribes for their removal to federal territory west of the Mississippi River in exchange for their ancestral homelands

The White Race: Teachers, Police Officers, Politicians, Bankers and Oligarchs and Interracial Mixers all operate as one unit to maintain illegal domination of African peoples and other non-African peoples. We must not allow the racist Whites to create a narrative to our children that they are fighting some abstraction. We must not also forget the past and unite with White racist who want to harm Blacks so a handful of Blacks can intermix, interbreed and assimilate with those who want to destroy us. This is pure insanity. The White Racial attack on African people did not happen a long time ago, is not something of the past but is a continuous assault on the World by the White collective.

Whites reward some African people with jobs, sports careers, and temporary political appointments when it benefits them. African Centered Biological Nationalist must create the philosophy that will get a select group of Africans out of this European created bondage. African people provide millions of jobs for lazy Whites in teaching, policing and government. They use these positions to act out their genetic hate of Africans and other darker peoples.

Uniting with Whites will only make them more powerful and better racist. We need real Black revolutionary power to overthrow White power in our lives and become free humans.

Salani Kahle!