by Gaspar Yanga

Dr. William H. Cosby is not a rapist. If he is sent to prison, he will go not because he raped these lying women but because he had a serious bad case of amnesia. Amneisa is a greek word that means forgetfulness and is a  serious medical condition. Great White Sharks have learned to avoid The Great Black Orca because of the past relationships  other  Sharks have had with The Great Black Orca. To forget who’s one enemy is, can cost you your life.


Bill Cosby became a very successful man in mainstream White America in the 1970s and the 1980s. This was the era of Studio 54, Reaganomics and COCAINE! I am not fan of Dr. William H. Cosby. I believe him to be a Negro of the highest degree. But when I look into his face, I see a victim. A African created by this European monster whom has a falsified and twisted personality.


Bill Cosby was brainwashed by the US Educational system and the Assimilationist Negro American Leader’s to seek unity with the European Nation. In the minds of Negros, the European is the standard who can do no wrong. In the 70s and 80s, wealthy White elite begin to experiment with cocaine and quaaludes. The glorification of the use of these drugs are seen in pop culture iconic American Film’s: Scareface and The Wolf of Wall Street. In these films we see highly eroticized White females who are high and engaging in sexual intercourse with powerful men. These sexual relationships are seen as normal and fun in the Movies. There have no protest by the Media or Women’s rights groups.


This is White Culture. The mixing of drugs and sexual intercourse is a value of White people the world over. Bill Cosby was a token in this world. The European American after what they considered losses to Africans in the USA during the 1960s needed to create a new buffer class of Negro Americans, who would justify their continued domination of African people. So, the Europeans invited Bill Cosby into this token status of Negro Entertainer.

Bill Cosby like all Black Americans once they begin to climb the socioeconomic ladder, begin to have access to White women who normally would not even glace in their direction. I am sure some small hat probably introduced Bill Cosby to quaaludes and cocaine. These things are not apart of African American nor African Canadian Culture. These things were apart of the culture of Ivy League educated Anglo-Jewish America.

It makes me sick to my stomach to see the racist White American media post this distorted excerpt of Bill Cosby’s interview with police. When he said that he used quaaludes to secure sex from younger White females. There is a certain class of White female who seeks to do drugs and engage in risky sexual behavior. This is their culture, and its a culture that Bill Cosby took part in.

The reason White racist in the media is distorting this excerpt is to convict Bill Cosby in the court of public opinion. They are making it seem as if he drugged these women without their knowledge.

These women wanted to do drugs and they also wanted to have sex with a powerful and famous man. This is simply American society. How these racist Whites can use these excerpts with a straight face amazes me. The United States of Americans Justice system is truly criminal. White power is absurd and dangerous that Africans are subjected to this joke of a justice system.

These women are low life scumbags who belong to a strong racist White community. White women and White men love to demonize Black men. They do this  from their childhoods util the day that they die.

Recently, a African -American male was released from prison after serving 28 years because a White female, had a dream he raped her. That is how crazy and dangerous these Whites are.

White women have no problem following the orders of a vindictive White male who will use the White female to attack a Black male in the: School System, Workforce or anywhere else in their society.

Bill Cosby is guilty of forgetting who White people are. They are a wicked and wretched group of people who are at complete and total war with African people. I am not against Africans manipulating their society to gain economic and financial gain, as long as they never forget and never let their guard down.

White Racist Hegemony is an unfortunate game we have to play. But if you are going to play the game and win, never forget who you are and never forget who they are. Bill Cosby is not a rapist. The media and these women are liars and are bitter and jealous that he nearly took control over a White racist network and that he has been a big supporter of the Mulatto President Barack Obama.  Cosby simply got too comfortable around Whites.

Salani Kahle!