Apple Music Revenue: 785 million annual Revenue

Spotify: 1.2  billion annual Revenue

In 1985, Michael Jackson purchased a publishing company named ATV for $47.5 million dollars. This was a British Publishing company who owned all of the Beatles publishing rights. The Beatles are the best selling music group of all time, and annual sales of their old records are in the millions.

Michael Jackson, claimed that Paul McCarty, explained to him the importance of owning publishing rights. In the 1980s, the Beatles were fighting for royalties and trying to raise the money to purchase their value intellectual property. Little did Paul McCarty know, Michael Jackson had the money. He did some research into publishing rights after having full knowledge of how African American artist were ripped off and purchased the company through his lawyer for $47.5 million.

For some strange reason, in 1995 Michael Jackson agreed to merge Sony and his corporation ATV, thus creating Sony/ATV. In 2016, Sony/ATV is the largest publishing company in the world. It owns and manages over 2.2 million songs. These songs license out use of their songs to third party music streaming services such as: Tidal, Amazon, Apple and Spotify.

If Michael Jackson, were alive today and created his own streaming service, being the owner of such a large catalog and having a large zealot fan base, there is no doubt in my mind Michael Jackson would have become the richest man in the world. Michael Jackson would have earned billions per year in cash by owning his own music streaming service, releasing new music and also signing new artist.

Today, Michael Jacksons estate which owns 50% of Sony/ATV is owned by 3 White children he adopted. These children are soon to become multi-billionaires. The Michael Jackson State which is ran by White Americans, will sell Michael Jacksons 50% ownership of Sony/ATV , thus giving the profits to the Jackson children and cutting out Michael Jacksons African-American family.

I will never in my life understand Michael Jackson or Negroes like him. Wealth that could unite and build a strong African nation once again down the tubes because of some miseducated and foolish Negro who sought the love of his oppressors who more than likely out of jealously murdered him.

The reports of Michael Jackson being broke are so comical its not funny. This man was a Billionaire several times  over and because of the todays technology was soon to become every more wealthier. Michael Jackson if he had embraced his African heritage and became a militant revolutionary musician and surrounded himself around military Africans who would kill for him would still be alive today.

If Michael Jackson, had married a Black woman and produced authentic African children his wealth and legacy would have lived on forever. I have no idea why African people love giving their talent, wealth and life to Europeans. Michael Jackson the ultimate tragic traitor. It blows my mind how wealthy this man was and yet how poor he was. As, Dr. Amos N. Wilson said: “Wealth is in the Mind”!

m jackson

Michael Jackson Estate: Owned by 3 Whites

Sony: Owned and Managed by Whites

Katherine Jackson net worth: “I am devastated that while I’ve been away, my grandchildren have been taken away from me, and I’m coming home,” Jackson added.” …..NADDA… White kids outsmarted her!

Sillyness from Faux News:

Reality after Michael Jackson’s Death:

Sony/ATV Music Publishing is the largest music publishingcompany in the world and is co-owned by Sony and The Estate ofMichael Jackson.

This guy’s self hate cost him another 30 years of life and billions of dollars he could have enjoyed with a Black woman and Black children.

P.S. the White Media has not spoke about Michael Jackson estate owning 50% of a billion dollar corporation that owns many of todays top music acts!