by Gaspar Yanga

There are many conspiracy theorist who speak bout abstractions created by the White Race. These abstractions: 1%, Elites, Illuminati and Lizard people are dangerous distractions from the real enemies of African people.

The enemy of Black African people are groups of organized Whites who have secret meetings and a hidden agenda towards African people. But, it has very little to do with Satanism or some other spiritual spookiness that many African people waste value time talking about.

The real enemies are these organized groups of Whites: White Teachers, White Police Officers, White Business Owners and White Politicians. These groups of Whites all have a racist agenda against Blacks who do not meet their criteria. They are all connected to one another and have conversations on how to carryout organized attacks on their victims.

Africans need to speak more directly about these White racist and begin to build a database on them. Whites have records on Blacks who potential can be a threat to them. Things you do in elementary school will follow you the rest of your life. Whites have mastered racism. They know how to appear to be non racist while carrying out evil agendas.

All Whites are racist and all have a specific role to play in the Racist White Hegemonistic Global Project. We need to begin to go into detail exposing these people and their non White allies. We have to figure out a way to destroy these people because they are killing African people daily.